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Kewei Law Firm has promoted Agatha Shen as an international partner in Shanghai, further strengthening China capital markets expertise in the firm's joint operation with Herbert Smith Freehills.

科伟律师事务所晋升上海办公室沈雪琦(Agatha Shen)为资深国际顾问,进一步提升与史密夫斐尔联营办公室的中国资本市场业务实力。

Agatha specialises in capital markets and other corporate finance transactions. She has extensive experience in advising issuers and underwriters on initial public offerings (IPOs), share placings, spin-offs and mergers and acquisitions.
"Agatha's skills and reputation are a strong component of our China capital markets expertise," said Herbert Smith Freehills Kewei joint operation partner Stanley Xie. "Her promotion reflects ongoing demand from clients for local and global capital markets capability through our joint operation with Herbert Smith Freehills."
Herbert Smith Freehills leads the legal market in advising sponsors and underwriters on Hong Kong IPOs, with 20 IPOs successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the past two years.
"Given the international expertise and China knowledge of both firms, our combined team is very well placed to advise Chinese companies on their capital markets transactions," said Matt Emsley, Herbert Smith Freehills' China managing partner.
Herbert Smith Freehills is one of only a small number of international law firms permitted to integrate China law advice with international legal services through its joint operation with Kewei in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
"Agatha's well-deserved promotion is the latest talent investment by our China joint operation, which offers corporate, dispute resolution, competition, IP and employment advisory, as well as capital markets," said May Tai, Herbert Smith Freehills' Asia Managing Partner. "Our determined focus on local talent development continues to shape our market-leading practice and that of our associate firms across Asia."
Agatha joined Kewei as a counsel in September 2021. She advises issuers and underwriters on initial public offerings (IPOs), share placings, spin-offs and mergers and acquisitions, and also works on subsequent compliance for companies listed in Hong Kong. Agatha holds a bachelor's degree in law from Fudan University in China and a master's degree in law from Columbia University in the United States. She has passed PRC law exam and admitted in New York, USA. Fluent in English, she is a native Mandarin speaker and also speaks Shanghainese.
科伟史密夫斐尔联营办公室合伙人谢守德(Stanley Xie)表示:“沈雪琦实力卓著,倍受认可,是我们中国资本市场团队的重要律师成员之一。此次晋升显示出客户对科伟史密夫斐尔联营办公室就中国以及全球资本市场服务的需求。”
史密夫斐尔中国管理合伙人艾迈修(Matt Emsley)表示:“史密夫斐尔以及科伟的律师们兼具深厚的国际经验和本地知识,双方通力合作,在为中国企业就资本市场交易提供法律服务方面极具优势。”
史密夫斐尔亚洲区管理合伙人戴枫媚(May Tai)表示:“沈雪琦的晋升实至名归,这也是我们在中国联营办公室最新的人才投入。科伟史密夫斐尔联营办公室的业务范围广泛覆盖了公司事务、争议解决、竞争与反垄断、知识产权、劳动法,以及资本市场领域。我们坚持对本地人才培养加大投入,不断打造出史密夫斐尔以及在亚洲各地联营办公室的市场领先业务。”
1. Agatha's promotion is effective on 1 May 2023.
2. Kewei combines top-quality China lawyers with international experience, a strong client list, and an innovative managed legal services business. Agatha joins partners* Gavin Guo, Hew Kian Heong, Cathy Liu, Peng Lei, Stanley Xie, Frances Xu and Weina Ye.
*Titles can be partner, international partner, or senior consultant, to meet regulatory requirements in Mainland China.
3. Operating from 25 offices across Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America, Herbert Smith Freehills is at the heart of the new global business landscape. With a nearly 40-year history in Asia, Herbert Smith Freehills has over 300 lawyers and legal professionals in the region, advising clients on complex corporate, disputes and finance matters from offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta*, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai*, Singapore* and Tokyo.
*In Shanghai, the firm is part of a joint operation with Kewei, allowing access to China legal services alongside Herbert Smith Freehills' international expertise. In Jakarta, Herbert Smith Freehills' international counsel practise on secondment at its affiliate firm, Hiswara Bunjamin & Tandjung, one of Indonesia’s leading commercial and corporate law firms. In Singapore, Herbert Smith Freehills entered a Formal Law Alliance (FLA) with Prolegis LLC in 2015, that allows access to Prolegis' Singapore law capabilities.
1. 沈雪琪的任命于2023年5月1日生效。
2. 科伟律师事务所拥有国际经验丰富的中国顶尖律师,客户群广泛,提供创新型法律服务,拥有郭武汉、丘健雄、刘倩、雷鹏、谢守德、徐明妍、叶微娜等合伙人*。
3. 史密夫斐尔律师事务所在亚太地区、欧洲、中东、非洲和北美设有25个办公室,深入全球新商业格局的核心。史密夫斐尔专注亚洲市场近40年,拥有300多位律师和法律专业人士,在曼谷、北京、香港、雅加达*、吉隆坡、首尔、上海*、新加坡*和东京设有办公室,为客户就复杂的公司、争议和融资事务提供法律服务。
*在上海和北京,史密夫斐尔通过与科伟律师事务所联营在提供外国法顾问的同时也就中国法提供法律服务。在雅加达,史密夫斐尔的国际法律顾问与印度尼西亚领先的商业和公司事务律师事务所Hiswara Bunjamin & Tandjung共同执业。在新加坡,史密夫斐尔与新加坡律师事务所Prolegis LLC于2015年建立了正式法律联盟,借此就新加坡法律提供咨询。

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