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Cyber risk advisory

Legal, technical and commercial expertise to keep your business cyber secure

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Snatching defeat – What went wrong for Europe's wind power

After a period of resounding success, 2023 saw a reversal for the industry. The latest in our Chasing Zero series asks: what next?

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UK election 24
Britain decides

With the general election installing the Labour Party as the new UK government, in the first transfer in power in 14 years, our experts assess the key policies on offer and ask if the new administration can succeed in its pitch to upgrade economic growth and win the confidence of business

Insight not hindsight

Our analysis, curated for your needs

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HSF Notes
Commanding the facts

In-depth analysis and incisive commentary from our practice experts. Accept no substitute

Artificial Intelligence

Through hype and terabytes

Public Law – The Podcast Series

Artificial Intelligence

11 KBW barrister Jamie Susskind, a leading authority in digital technology law, joins the latest episode of our series focusing on topical public law issues to dissect the fast-evolving field of AI regulation

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National Portrait Gallery
An enduring partnership

Explore the latest from our ongoing relationship with the world-famous Gallery

Leading for impact

Driving positive change through Pro Bono Legal, Diversity & Inclusion, Social Impact, Sustainability.