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Cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency, variety and severity. The consequences for the unprepared can be dire.  It is essential that you start planning your cyber-response well before the first strike occurs. 

Governments worldwide, including Australia, are swiftly enacting new laws targeting cyber resiliency expectations, ransomware attacks, encryption rules and critical infrastructure. This is coupled with incoming privacy law changes and an increasing regulatory scrutiny over data use and protection. The scope of these regulatory changes affect companies across various sectors.  

We can help you navigate the complexities of cyber incidents with our leading expertise. From pre-emptive planning to crisis management, our dedicated team stands by you, offering technical insights, legal knowledge, and holistic guidance for a rapid and resilient response.

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Cross Examining Cyber EP2: Cross Examining: Hamish Hansford - Part 2

Hot-on-the-heels of our inaugural podcast, we now bring you Cross Examining Cyber, Episode 2, the cross examination of Hamish Hansford (Part 2). We take the time to speak to Hamish about the SOCI Act, whether we are winning the war on cyber and the role of lawyers in the crisis room.

Cross Examining Cyber EP1: Cross Examining: Hamish Hansford - Part 1

In this series, we will explore all things cyber, including the legal, regulatory and policy developments that impact corporate Australia. We will do this by speaking to those people who are shaping the Australian legal and regulatory environment. Those who are on the front line of protecting Australian companies from cyber incidents.

In our inaugural podcast, we are joined by Hamish Hansford, Deputy Secretary Cyber & Infrastructure Security, Home Affairs.

Cross Examining Cyber: Conversations on Cyber Law

Explore all things cyber, including the legal, regulatory and policy developments that impact corporate Australia.


Class Actions Fireside EP21: Tips and trends – cyber class actions in Australia

In this episode, Christine TranChristine Wong and Brendan Donohue discuss the growing area of cyber class actions in Australia and the associated regulatory investigation risks, including current activity, challenges, areas of reform and practical tips.

Future Of Consumer APAC: Confronting complexity in cybersecurity trends for the consumer sector

Cameron Whittfield and Peggy Chow discuss the latest cybersecurity trends for consumer-facing companies including external threats which may include working with third parties and complex supply chains through to the malicious targeting of companies with ransomware, current affairs and social engineering, the cryptocurrency marketplace and geopolitical factors. They emphasise the importance of internal stakeholders speaking the same language when it comes to the intersection of technology and legal risks – and the oversight now expected of board members. The complexity of cybersecurity breach notifications and assessment is also covered in the context of differing requirements of regulators and across jurisdictions.


31 May 2023

Techquake: At the gates – How to survive the era of cyber security

12 May 2023

Australian Federal Budget 2023-24: Cyber and Privacy Initiatives

17 April 2023

Themes from the consultation period: 2023 – 2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy Discussion Paper

29 March 2023

Demystifying Australia's recent Security of Critical Infrastructure Act reforms

2 March 2023

2023-2030 Australian cyber security strategy starts to take shape

6 May 2022


30 March 2022

Increased IT security and resilience standards – ASIC imposes new Australian market integrity rules

15 March 2022

Litigation risks arising from cyber attacks/data breach incidents

2 December 2021

Regulatory enforcement in cyber space: what have we seen and what can we expect?

18 November 2021

Cyber-ransoms are on the rise: What do you need to know?

5 October 2021

Parliamentary intelligence body backs two-step adoption for Australia's new critical infrastructure bill

26 July 2021

Bills, Parliamentary reviews, industry consultations… the Australian cyber regulation maze is about to become even more complex

22 June 2021

Mandatory notification of ransomware payments in Australia appears likely

9 November 2020

Securing Australia’s critical infrastructure: Government reforms will leave no sector untouched, but questions remain

28 August 2020

ASIC enforcement action signals increasing regulatory scrutiny of data and cyber security practices

17 August 2020

A new world of open data and cyber risks


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