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Copyright, Designs and Confidential Information

Protecting and commercialising critical IP assets


Commercialising and controlling the use of copyright works, through licensing or dispute resolution, is integral to businesses across sectors. We help clients by managing copyright infringement proceedings, including in novel areas and important test cases in Media and broadcasting.

In other industries, such as banking, financial services and algorithmic trading, the intersection of copyright law, confidential information and trade secrets is also an important and fast-developing area. We work with clients on the biggest and most complex disputes involving copyright in software and the misappropriation of know-how. Legal and technological issues increasingly overlap, and our technical team is experienced in IT and software development, allowing us to provide legal solutions to complex problems in this rapidly changing area.

We also have a wide experience in drafting and negotiating complex copyright and other IP licenses, particularly in the media, technology and financial services sectors.

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