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Dawn Raids – How to Prepare for the Unexpected

16 October 2018 | London


Recording: Originally broadcast 16 October 2018

The continuing focus and scrutiny of regulators and law enforcement agencies on countering anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing activities are a reality worldwide. Banks, trustees, companies and other businesses dealing with private clients often possess and handle highly sensitive information which may be the subject of a dawn raid investigation. In particular, Trust and Company Service Providers ("TCSPs") operating in various jurisdictions should be aware that their regulators may be conferred investigative powers under relevant legislation.  These can include the power to enter and search premises of TCSPs to seize and remove records and require production of documents on demand.

In this webinar, specialists from our global offices with experience preparing for and assisting clients with dawn raids from agencies discussed the investigatory powers of various regulators and how a business should react to a dawn raid.  In particular, they discussed how businesses can be well prepared to react to a dawn raid.  Front-line staff such as Reception and Security, through to the IT team, business units, legal counsel and management, need to know how to react and what information to provide. Each individual involved in a dawn raid should be mindful of their legal obligations to cooperate with the investigators, whilst also striving to protect the TCSP's interests as much as possible.

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