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Scott is an expert on the regulation and governance of superannuation funds.

Scott is a globally recognised expert on the regulation and governance of superannuation funds.

Based in Sydney, he has advised Commonwealth and state governments on the governance of their superannuation arrangements, as well as helping a range of private and public sector clients address their regulatory and governance issues in a positive, strategic manner.

Scott is also director of the Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation, a university centre dedicated to research in the area of corporate regulation. 

Scott’s experience in the superannuation reform processes over the past decade enables him to provide clients with a unique insight into the shape and implications of regulatory change in the superannuation system. He was a consultant to the government’s Super System Review (the 'Cooper Review') that reported in June 2010 and a member of the Stronger Super Governance Consultative Working Group in 2011. He has also led several Commonwealth-funded research projects looking at aspects of the superannuation system. He has published widely and is widely cited in professional, industry and academic press in areas related to trust law, financial regulation and the governance of superannuation funds.

Scott has been a member of the Faculty of Law at UNSW since February 2010. He completed his PhD ‘Trusting in Trust: The role of trust law in the regulatory scheme applied to superannuation in Australia’ in 2013.

Experience & expertise

Selected matters

  • the board of a corporate fund on its conflicts management policy
  • a NFP organisation in relation to developing materials on its impact investing activities
  • the trustee of a master fund in relation to remediation of a unit-pricing error
  • a master trust operator on an innovative operational risk reserve strategy.