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Ana Garmendia

Ana Garmendia


Ana is an associate in the litigation, ADR and arbitration practice, particularly in the insurance team.



Ana has been studying to become a civil servant for the Spanish Government for a long time. Following this, she has had the opportunity to work for two other leading firms and in the service of an international Investment Fund.

Thus, she has had the chance to know both the various sides of a business activity (i.e. client-service provider) and a number of people from different backgrounds (i.e. public and private sector). 


Ana has a Law degree (Extraordinary Award) from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. She has been studying to be a public servant of the Spanish Government (almost seven years) and is finishing a Master degree in Administrative Law from the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia). She is starting her PhD studies in Regulated sectors. 

Ana is highly fluent in English and French and bilingual in Catalan. 

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