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Health, Safety and Environmental Crisis Management

Unexpected events can affect even the most prepared companies.


Unexpected events can affect even the most prepared companies.

The immediate aftermath of incidents involving fatalities, serious personal injuries or significant environmental damage can be some of the most distressing times.

We can help you take immediate control and make prompt and necessary decisions based on real 'hands-on' global experience and a sensitive and empathetic approach.

Our team can support you in liaising with the statutory authorities, employee relations, media messaging, the establishment and conduct of an internal investigation, directing technical experts, documents preservation, as well as representation at Inquests and at any resulting criminal and civil proceedings.

Recent Experience


Acting for Santos Limited and subsidiaries in relation to investigations, threatened claims and litigation (including by environmental and human rights interest groups) arising out of an incident at the Banjar-Panji-1 well in East Java, Indonesia, which was alleged to have caused a mud volcano to erupt and inundate numerous villages, essential infrastructure and industrial areas

A food manufacturer

Advising a food manufacturer in relation to a corporate manslaughter investigation following a fatality during decommissioning works


Advising in relation to the explosion at their oil depot in Buncefield which resulted in one of the largest health and safety investigations of recent years


Advising in relation to the Inquests following the In Amenas terrorist attack in Algeria in January 2013 in which 40 people were killed

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