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25 February 2021

Inside Arbitration: Event report - Investor-state mediation at the tipping point

The pandemic this year may have held a lot of us back from physical gatherings, but it certainly did not diminish our interest in gathering (virtually) for this year’s Hong Kong Mediation Lecture. The lecture, organised by the Department of Justice and proudly sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills,...
25 February 2021

Inside Arbitration: Event report - The threat of legal claims against arbitrators and arbitral institutions

This year marked the tenth edition of the Herbert Smith Freehills – SMU Asian Arbitration Lecture Series. We were privileged to have Ms Loretta Malintoppi from 39 Essex Chambers deliver that lecture, focusing on an often overlooked but growing threat of potential civil liability of arbitrators and...
24 February 2021

ACCC’s 2021 Enforcement Priorities

24 February 2021

A tale of two halves: The 2020 Australian IPO Review

It gives us great pleasure to present A Tale of Two Halves: The 2020 Australian IPO Review . To access your copy of the full report click on the Download button above or to read on your mobile device, please click on the article links below.
24 February 2021

2020 Australian IPO Review: Key themes

24 February 2021

2020 Australian IPO Review: IPOs by the numbers

24 February 2021

2020 Australian IPO Review: 2021 Predictions

24 February 2021

2020 Australian IPO Review: Key US securities developments

24 February 2021

2020 Australian IPO Review: Regulatory developments

In 2020, regulatory developments in relation to IPOs have been relatively limited compared to previous years, with ASIC and ASX increasing their focus on regulation of secondary raisings during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the issue of ASIC class relief in relation to IPO communications and...
24 February 2021

2020 Australian IPO Review: Marketing in the ESG era

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues continued to gain traction at both the institutional and retail investor level during 2020, in some cases impacting on the type of ESG information included in prospectuses and other disclosure documents for companies’ public offerings.
23 February 2021

Inside Arbitration - Issue 11

Inside Arbitration is intended to give our clients a personal insight by sharing with you the perspectives of our international arbitration partners from across the globe. Our articles look at the global landscape for disputes and dispute resolution, commenting on regional trends in particular...
22 February 2021

Madrid video updates: M&A en 2021: Resiliente, transformador y con voz propia

22 February 2021

Pensions Planner: Your guide to future developments

The latest edition of our Pensions Planner is here.
22 February 2021

The evolution of Class Actions in South Africa

Unlike development driven by legislative reform, the evolution of the common law through the process of judicial precedent takes time. Here, development only occurs when the courts are seized with a case worthy of an evolutionary push and this means that, even when deficiencies in the law are self-...
19 February 2021

Australian Federal Government seeks to permanently ease continuous disclosure rules

On 17 February 2021, the Australian Federal Government proposed new laws which, if enacted, will make permanent the temporary relief from liability for certain breaches of a listed entity’s continuous disclosure obligations.