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11 July 2019

Modern Slavery – update on NSW regime

Key takeaways for business: ​Implementation of the NSW regime has been deferred. The NSW legislation is under review and may be repealed or amended in whole or in part. Timing of the review and any outcome is uncertain. Business should continue to prepare for the Commonwealth regime.
11 July 2019

ICO’s proposed largest ever fine of £183 million against BA prompts the question: can you insure penalties imposed for breach of GDPR?

The UK’s data protection authority, the ICO, has announced twice in two days this week that it proposes to levy significant fines on organisations for breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ), which took effect in May 2018. First it announced that it intends to fine British...
11 July 2019

The European Union's new copyright laws may spell doomsday for online platforms

The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Single Market is an EU directive designed to limit how copyrighted content is shared on online platforms. On 15 April 2019 the European Council, a body comprising government ministers from each of the 28 EU member states, voted to adopt this...
10 July 2019

Inside Arbitration

In a global business it can often be difficult to get to know your colleagues in other offices and locations. You may deal with them by email or over the phone, but that rarely equates to understanding how, or why, they came to be doing the work they do today or the additional skills and...
10 July 2019

What does your contract mean? How the courts interpret contracts

All too often, a term might seem perfectly clear to the parties when the contract is agreed, but a dispute later arises as to how it is meant to apply in the circumstances that have come about.
10 July 2019

Shareholder activism update 2019

In this 30 minute webinar we look at shareholder activism in 2019, including some of the themes that we are seeing this year and our predictions for the rest of 2019 and into 2020. Recording - Originally broadcast: 10 July 2019
10 July 2019

Australian M&A Podcast

On the new Herbert Smith Freehills Podcast channel, our experts discuss mergers and acquisitions issues in Australia.
05 July 2019

Brexit Legal Guide 2019

As business makes increasingly vocal calls for legal certainty we are pleased to launch this Brexit Legal Guide. The new online guide will be regularly updated as the legal impact of Brexit evolves. The latest updates are indicated below.
05 July 2019

Airline Insolvency Review

Return to sender
04 July 2019

NSW’s proposed building and construction industry reform: what you need to know

On 27 June 2019 the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation published its Building Stronger Foundations Discussion Paper ( Discussion Paper ) which outlines the NSW Government’s proposals to implement four key reforms to the building and construction sector.
04 July 2019

Depreciation is not to be deducted as a “saving” in calculating business interruption claims

Whether a reduction in non-cash costs such as depreciation following insured damage amounts to a “saving” to the policyholder which is to be deducted from insured Gross Profit in calculating business interruption losses is an issue which has been debated by claims professionals for many years. The...
03 July 2019

ASIC unveils new licensing framework for foreign financial services providers

03 July 2019

Challenges in the Consumer Sector: Adapting to the new reality

In the second of our series of three feature articles on Challenges in the Consumer Sector being published in PLC Magazine this summer, Susan Black, John Chetwood, Miriam Everett, Tim Leaver, Kristien Geeurickx, Jemima Coleman, Richard Wood, Rebecca Perlman and Rachel Montagnon examine some more...
02 July 2019

Zero-day attacks, red teaming and other cyber concerns

There are a myriad cybersecurity issues that legal departments must concern themselves with, with proactivity being key to the safety of a business’s information.
02 July 2019

Class Action reform bill introduced to WA Parliament

On 26 June 2019, the Civil Procedure (Representative Proceedings) Bill 2019 (WA) was introduced into the Western Australian Parliament marking an important step forward for representative proceedings reform in Western Australia.