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General counsel update - Summer 2021


Our quarterly global guide to the key legal developments impacting business returns. Includes reports on the continuing fallout of Brexit and Covid-19

Our General Counsel update summarises major legal developments in the UK/Europe and significant international developments from around the world including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and the United States. This edition recounts the key changes in 2021 so far with useful points for consideration to help businesses prepare for what's next.

Two key topics we continue to explore in this edition are the ongoing impact of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. Our analyses of the latest developments include pointers on the new government support measures available to organisations following the UK's March 2021 Budget, and Covid-19 travel, employment and real estate considerations for business return to office. This edition further features developments concerning the consumer impact of Brexit customs and border talks and recent Covid-19-related cases which shape clause considerations in contracts.

In addition, the update features developments in areas such as climate-related disclosures and green and sustainable finance. These developments indicate the growing prominence of environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns for modern businesses.

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