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  • IBOR transition will need effective information management to understand your exposures to prioritise and strategise your approach.
  • As with all document-intensive projects and technology-led solutions, the key component will be the people who are dedicated to the task.
  • Our ALT team have experience in managing complex legal projects and processes, that harness multiple documents in various stages of a lifecycle.
  • They are a 350 strong global team located across our offices in the UK, US, China, South Africa and Australia, which can flex to provide resourcing on a global scale.

  • The ALT team is deliberately integrated into our proposed Strategic Team for IBOR transition projects.
  • We have invested considerable time in forecasting the requirements of an IBOR transition project.
  • Our global ALT team has developed a solution in tandem with our Finance, Corporate and Disputes practice IBOR specialists, involving process management, technology design and workflows for IBOR transition.
  • This detailed planning on IBOR transition solutions for each phase of the project workflow means we are prepared to deliver your project requirements and flex our process to suit your needs.

  • ALT have experience in leveraging AI and technology tools to locate and mine documents.
  • We use our experience in large eDiscovery exercises and transition projects to deliver technology-based solutions to locate IBOR related materials, to identify clauses and manage the stages of review, repapering of new contracts, negotiation and execution.
  • Our point of difference is the use of an underlying database to manage each stage of the transition process so we can tackle different categories of transition as required. This database provides a holistic approach to your transition project and enables real-time reporting on progress and issues.
  • This management of data through transition can be leveraged at the end of the project as an ongoing source of key contract information to enhance your internal document management needs.

Key contacts

Nick May photo

Nick May

Partner, London

Nick May
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Harry Edwards

Partner, Melbourne

Harry Edwards
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Federica Marra

Head of Finance, UK & EMEA (Legal),

Federica Marra
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Mark Ward

Director, Transactions, UK & EMEA (Legal), Belfast

Mark Ward