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A global investment bank

Advising in relation to an investigation brought by the US DoJ and SEC into alleged FCPA violations arising out of business practices in China 

Anti-Corruption Training at all levels

Advising a construction company on anti-corruption training from board level to the sales team, a ‘healthcheck’ of existing policies and revision of third party agreements to deal with corruption risks 

A consortium of cross-sector clients

Advising on a 6-year project to survey the anti-corruption legislation in 125 jurisdictions

Reserve Bank of Australia

Advising in relation to resultant commercial proceedings in multiple jurisdictions including the UK 

a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia

Advising in relation to the first foreign bribery prosecution in Australia concerning conduct in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal

World Bank and Serious Fraud Office (SFO)

Appointed as one of the first UK independent anti-corruption corporate monitors, pursuant to settlements it entered into with the World Bank and Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in relation to an investigation into conduct by its subsidiaries.


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Key contacts

Scott S. Balber photo

Scott S. Balber

Managing Partner, New York

Scott S. Balber
Susannah Cogman photo

Susannah Cogman

Partner, London

Susannah Cogman
Jonathan Mattout photo

Jonathan Mattout

Partner, Regional Head of Practice - Corporate Crime, Investigations and Compliance, EMEA, Paris

Jonathan Mattout
Kyle Wombolt photo

Kyle Wombolt

Partner, Global Head - Corporate Crime and Investigations, Hong Kong

Kyle Wombolt