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Dan Hoyle

Dan worked in the Law Officers' Department for seven months, assisting on a range of matters including the negotiation of Heads of Terms with Joule Africa for the Phase II expansion of the Bumbuna hydro-electric facility; negotiations with potential investors; the drafting of the Public Private Partnership Act; reviews of numerous draft contracts and MoUs; and assisting with potential and actual disputes

Rich Woods

Rich worked during the summer within the Law Officers’ Department and the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Unit. He advised the Government of Sierra Leone on a number of live contract negotiations, including the renegotiation of the Masada waste management contract, the maintenance contract for the Bumbuna hydro-electric dam, and a significant inbound mining contract. He also sought to assist the Government of Sierra Leone with the standardisation of its internal systems for the review, drafting and negotiation of contracts with the private sector. As part of this, Rich produced a model-form MoU and accompanying guidance notes for the PPP Unit and the Law Officers' Department to use when conducting negotiations and evaluating new projects.

Rebecca Perlman

Rebecca worked in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit of the President's Office. During this time, she produced a template power purchase agreement (PPA); drafted guidelines to PPA negotiations; advised on the drafting of the Public Private Partnership Act; drafted the accompanying guidelines; and reviewed draft agreements and MoUs for proposed PPPs. Rebecca also assisted the Law Officers' Department with the legal aspects of the power sector unbundling and the establishment of a new water and electricity sector regulator. In addition, Rebecca liaised with Senior State Counsellors and the UK Department for International Development team to identify the Government of Sierra Leone's priorities for training and capacity building within the Law.