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Volunteers from our London and Belfast offices support primary school students from homes where English is not the first language through literacy programmes. After some initial training, volunteers work throughout the year with a number of pupils at local primary schools.

In Belfast, the Time to Read literacy project encourages a love of reading. The Belfast office purchases a selection of appropriate books for each school. At Thomas Buxton primary school in London, the Reading Partners programme was established to improve literacy.

By working one-to-one or in small groups with an adult volunteer, children make real progress with their reading while opening a window to the outside world. For our volunteers, this is a rewarding and fun way to spend their lunchtime.

Volunteers in the London office also support the Thomas Buxton Primary School students through the Chess Partners scheme. Countless research and studies have shown that chess strengthens a child's mental clarity, fortitude, stability, and overall health.

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Our team very much enjoys the opportunity to help these pupils to develop their literacy skills and to try to make reading an enjoyable activity for them. We are extremely proud of the commitment and enthusiasm that our volunteers give to the programme.

Partner, Alternative Legal Services