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Miguel Garcia Casas

Miguel García-Casas

Senior Associate

Miguel is a senior associate in the litigation, ADR and arbitration practice, and a professor of law.



Miguel has experience on dealing with dispute cases both in civil and criminal matters, including advocacy before the Spanish Courts. In addition, he has a background on (international and domestic) arbitration proceedings.

His professional practice is oriented to support clients on difficult scenarios and complex litigation cases.

Apart from a long experience acting as counsel of clients in front of the Spanish Courts (more than 70 hearings and more than 25 different criminal matters), he has expertise on arbitration cases and on the preparation of corporate defence protocols in the context of the Spanish Criminal Code.

In addition, he has an academic background: He is a professor on procedural law in IE University and Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Miguel's experience includes: 

  • an aeronautical company and its insurers on their defence in the criminal and civil proceedings following a fatal air crash in Madrid
  • an automotive manufacturer company on it's defence in a civil claim in relation with the potential breach of a die's supply agreement
  • Cobre Las Cruces on all legal aspects of the opening and development of the largest copper mining project in Europe located in Seville, Spain, including several criminal and civil proceedings
  • a construction company under insolvency proceedings on a settlement agreement seeking exiting from retroaction proceedings
  • a large Spanish bank on arbitration proceedings in relation to the distribution of the proceeds obtained in the context of Visa's acquisition of Visa Europe
  • a multinational company focused on the development, construction and operation of solar energy plants on an ICC arbitration relating to a dispute with a Chinese supplier over alleged quality defects in photovoltaic modules
  • a non-life insurance and reinsurance Bermuda based group on arbitration proceedings brought by the reinsured as a result of a Quota Share Reinsurance Treaty in connection with Supreme Court judgments on bonds in co-operative residential developments. several issues related to a potential claim that could be filed by a reinsured company on bonds in co-operative residential developments




He has Degree in law and Degree in Business Administration by Complutense University (Madrid), he has obtained the Advanced Studies Certificate and he is working on his PhD in Procedural Law.