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Photo of Joe Longo

Joe Longo

Senior Adviser

Joe is highly experienced in global banking and financial regulation, spanning several continents in legal advisory, regulatory enforcement and internal legal and commercial matters. 



Joe worked as General Counsel for Deutsche Bank in both London and Hong Kong for 17 years, advising the board and senior management. He led legal teams across multiple jurisdictions and matters spanning contentious regulatory issues, governance, infrastructure and all aspects of HR and employee relations. 

Prior to that, Joe was National Director, Enforcement at the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) in Sydney, where he was responsible for the national co-ordination and direction of ASIC’s enforcement and litigation activities.

Joe brings deep global financial services and regulatory insights to the Australian market and has an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by banks and corporates when addressing cultural, governance and regulatory issues.

In addition, having worked in the global banking sector for many years, Joe has navigated  multi-jurisdictional investigations and regulatory enforcement activity across the full range of financial services products. 


Joe spent 17 years at Deutsche bank, first in Hong Kong as General Counsel, APAC and then in London as General Counsel (UK & EMEA). He also brings experience as a regulator, having been national director of enforcement at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Jurisprudence (Hons) and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Western Australia and a Master of Laws from Yale Law School.