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Joni is a corporate lawyer in the Johannesburg office.

Joni has experience in a variety of commercial matters including company structuring, contractual management, compliance and training. Joni has assisted clients in the strategic structuring of their legal entities, drafting, review and negotiation of commercial contracts as well as training clients and their employees on the legal framework affecting their industry.

Prior to being enrolled as an attorney, Joni conducted a commercial litigation practice as an advocate of the High Court of South Africa whereafter she took up employment in the corporate sector as an in-house counsel. Following her time in the corporate sector, Joni started her own legal practice focusing on advising SMEs. She advised clients in various sectors including private equity, data protection and privacy, retail, telecommunications, branding and marketing, tourism, insurance, security, education and property.


Joni was admitted as an advocate in 2009 whereafter she was enrolled on the roll of attorneys in 2021. Joni holds a BA (Law) and LLB degree from the University of Johannesburg.