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Christine specializes in advising and representing TMT (tech, media, entertainment, telecommunications), energy and commodities trading businesses.

Christine advises and represents government-owned entities, financial institutions and multi-national corporations on issues under commercial contracts, managing private and public partnerships, mitigating regulatory risks, as well as investment treaty protection and structuring. She has arbitration and public international law experience from Asia, Europe and the United States, and works in English and Chinese.


Christine is admitted to the Supreme Court of Singapore as an advocate and solicitor, admitted to the New York State bar, and graduated from the Geneva Masters in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS). She has clerked for arbitrators in investment arbitrations, conducted public international law workshops for governments, and represented commercial clients up to the appellate level in courts.

Experience & expertise

Selected matters

  • a US tech and entertainment company in an HKIAC commercial arbitration involving exercise of a share buyout option and licensing issues in China
  • a US entertainment company in a joint venture with a North Asian government entity on managing operational disputes, corporate governance issues and mitigating risks in relation to a theme park
  • a leading Asian media company in managing the transition of long-term data services with a leading US tech company
  • a UK fintech company in an LCIA commercial arbitration against a financial services company involving financial regulatory issues
  • a major US tech company in a joint venture in APAC on risk assessment and mitigation strategies arising from potential termination of licenses, non-compete rights and corporate governance issues
  • a leading APAC tech company on issues arising from acquisition of a cryptocurrency trading platform
  • a major telecommunications company on crisis management arising from a government coup in Asia
  • a non-governmental organisation on international content regulation and online safety laws
  • a non-governmental organisation on an international study of risks and protections relating to the media
  • a distribution company from the Middle East in an ICC commercial arbitration arising from a government-to-government partnership against an Asian state-owned entity
  • a multi-national hospitality company in managing various commercial, development and franchising disputes in the Middle East, Korea and Thailand
  • a pharmaceutical company on investment treaty protections in relation to compulsory licensing risks
  • a leading mining company in two commodities trading arbitrations involving issues relating to sale of goods and the international steel market
  • an Asian state-owned company in managing regulatory and other risks relating to concession rights, government requests and corporate governance in Africa
  • a state-owned upstream oil and gas company in an SIAC commercial arbitration relating to a joint venture in offshore oil and gas reserves
  • State entities on stabilisation clauses and international investment treaty protections in  a major crude oil refinery project in Asia
  • a multinational energy company in AAA-ICDR commercial arbitration in Latin America
  • acting as tribunal secretary in an UNCITRAL arbitration between a European investor and an African state*
  • assisting arbitrators with administrative case management in a mediation between a European investor and an Asian state, an ICSID arbitration between a North-American corporation and a Latin American state, and an ICSID arbitration between a European company and an Eastern European state*
  • assisting the court-appointed amicus in Singapore courts in investment disputes involving African and Asian states*
  • advising a European state on multi-jurisdictional enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards*
  • representing insurers, construction companies and government agencies in Singapore court litigation*


*Experience gained at a previous firm.