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Corporate Governance and Head Office Advisory

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Corporate governance failures in the past have driven a trend towards transparency that is set to continue, making it critical for companies to maintain the highest standards of compliance and for boards to be confident in their decision making.

We work alongside our clients’ boards and various management teams, providing pragmatic advice on legal and regulatory requirements, market practices and emerging trends and the governance, regulatory and reporting standards that apply to them.

We can help you with directors’ duties and liabilities, board compositions and general board and effectiveness policies, market disclosure, insider trading and related procedures and systems, director and senior executive contracts, remuneration structures and disclosures, including employee share plans and incentive arrangements, annual reports and preparation for annual general and other shareholder meetings and communications and internal capital management initiatives such as buy-backs, capital reductions and dividend reinvestment plans.

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Our Australian team advises 60% of ASX 20 companies on corporate governance issues and over 40% of ASX 100 companies and has an unparalleled reputation in the area

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