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Giving mature advice on a developing energy industry


With rapid electrification needs in many parts of the world combined with ambitious post-Paris Agreement carbon reduction targets, renewables are playing an increasingly important role in meeting future energy demand. 

High on the agenda for governments and energy companies across the globe, the renewables boom is seeing unprecedented levels of growth and investment in wind, solar, hydro, marine and bio-fuel assets in both emerging and developed markets.

Government support through feed-in tariffs and other incentive programs combined with high levels of innovation in technology and developments in battery storage are making these projects more economically viable.

As the market has grown internationally, we have helped clients on world-first renewables projects in almost every jurisdiction and including those entering the renewables market for the first time.

We have worked with clients on most of the market firsts in this sector and with governments and regulators to set market best practice.   

Recent Experience

The Government of Sierra Leone

Advising on the development of the 250MW Bumbuna 2 hydro power plant

Macquarie Bank

Advising on the financing of over 250MW of solar plants in the UK

Stanbic Bank and other lenders

Advising on project financing the US$150 million Kinangop (Kenya) wind farm project (one of the first project financed wind power projects in sub-Saharan Africa, and the first led by commercial bank debt)

Softbank Corporation

Advising on the development and projecting financing of a pipeline of approximately US$20 billion of solar projects in India

The Sponsor – Tidal Lagoon (Swansea Bay) Plc

Leading on the negotiation of the key economic contracts for the project, which will be the first man-made tidal electricity generating facility constructed anywhere in the world.  As well as advising on commercial and regulatory issues affecting the project.

The Government of Nepal

Advising on the negotiations for the development of six large-scale hydroelectric power projects in Nepal which are being concessioned to international developers for the generation of power in Nepal and sale of that power both domestically and across borders into India and China. These are ground-breaking cross-border deals with Indian and Chinese participation and the first two projects were and will be project financed in international markets.  Total expected value upwards of US$7 billion

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