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We work across all complex stages of nuclear power


The regulatory, commercial, safety and technical complexities of the nuclear industry extends into the design of the legal structures that are put in place to support their development, operations and ultimate decommissioning.

The nuclear sector needs a specific breed of legal advisor with a combination of sector expertise, drawn from across many areas of law, and the ability to integrate this advice into a coherent structure. 

We work with clients in all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle to do just that, including advising governments, developers, lenders, investors, suppliers and regulators. 

Recent Experience

Suppliers of goods and services to the nuclear industry

Advising suppliers of goods and services to the nuclear industry including Caterpillar and Jacobs in relation to nuclear liability regimes and other specific industry issues

Visagino Atominė Elektrinė

Advising the Lithuanian state owned utility, its plans to develop a c€5 billion new nuclear plant in Lithuania through a joint venture with Hitachi. Ltd, and regional utilities

Cavendish (a subsidiary of Babcock International Group plc) and Fluor

Advising on their successful bid for the NDA's management and operations contract of 12 nuclear decommissioning sites in the UK

Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. (PGE)

Advising in relation to the Contract for Difference (CfD) as a recommended mechanism providing economic predictability and profitability to enable the Polish nuclear project implementation

Rusatom Overseas

Advice regarding subcontracting arrangements for the design and construction of a new nuclear power plant in Finland – Hanhikivi 1.  The construction of the Hanhikivi I NPP will provide tens of thousands of new workplaces, including in the adjacent industries. Moreover, the project will make it possible to support the competitiveness of Finland as a supplier of affordable electric power for Finnish enterprises and households. Finally, the project will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   It is expected that the Hanhikivi I NPP will start operating in 2024 and will generate 10% of the power produced in Finland


Advising in relation to the development of HPC, the first nuclear power station in the UK for a generation, including the acquisition of British Energy, real estate acquisition, consenting, income support, political risk protection, funded decommissioning, waste disposal, financing, shareholder arrangements and the investments by Centrica and CGN

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