Healthcare is more than a business


We use our knowledge of funding and regulatory systems to help clients transact safely and efficiently in every segment of public and private Healthcare systems across the globe.

Now more than ever, healthcare funders seek better care for lower cost while technology and research continues to expand our vision of what is possible. Healthcare consumers are better informed than any before them, and many are ageing or have chronic disease.

At the same time health systems and governments face constant choices in balancing access and equity across public and private health service models.

We can help you with clinical services contracts, hospital and health fund contracting, major IT procurements, mergers and acquisitions, risk assessments for new business lines, defence of product liability claims.

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Recent Experience

Regis Healthcare Limited

Advised in realtion to initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange. Regis Healthcare operates 45 residential aged care facilities across Queensland, NSW, SA, Victoria and WA.

Fullerton Primary Care

Advised in relation to the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Healthscope Medical Centres, a business comprising 48 centres (including four skin clinics and one specialist breast clinic) situated across Victoria, WA, NSW, Queensland and the ACT. 


Advising Healius (formerly Primary Health Care Limited) on the acquisition of Montserrat Day Hospitals, a transaction which enabled Healius to continue to build its presence in the growing and increasingly important day hospital market. 


Advised on US-headquartered ground-breaking public sector / private sector joint venture to create dialysis centres in Singapore. The agreement with insurance cooperative NTUC Income and NTUC Health provides affordable health and eldercare services in Singapore.

Healthscope Limited

Advised on its A$6,114m acquisition by Brookfield and on the simultaneous approach from the BGH-AusSuper Consortium. This takeover was one the most complex Australian public M&A transactions.


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