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06 February 2024

The European Commission's Non-Paper on Model Clauses for Member States' BITs with Third Countries

In October last year, the European Commission released a Non-Paper on Model Clauses with Annotations for EU Member States' negotiation of bilateral …

13 March 2023

Colombia and Venezuela agree a new Bilateral Investment Treaty, Venezuela's first since withdrawing from the ICSID Convention

On February 23, 2019, Venezuela broke diplomatic relations with Colombia and gave Colombian diplomats twenty-four hours to leave the country. Four years …

23 August 2022

ICSID Releases Latest Caseload Statistics for FY2022

08 November 2018

ICSID Tribunal declines jurisdiction due to claimants' failure to obtain environmental impact assessment in breach of local law

In a recent investment arbitration Award, in Cortec Mining v Kenya, an ICSID tribunal has declined jurisdiction over a claim brought by a trio of mining …

15 August 2018

English Court rejects Ukraine’s attempt to set aside enforcement order on grounds of state immunity

The English Court (the "Court") has dismissed an application by Ukraine to set aside a court order permitting Russian investor, PAO Tatneft, to enforce …

30 May 2018

The new draft Dutch BIT: what does it mean for investor mailbox companies?

The Netherlands has released a new draft investment treaty for public comment ("Draft BIT").  If adopted, the Draft BIT may raise questions about …

23 May 2017

Is the recently signed Morocco-Nigeria BIT a step towards a more balanced form of intra-African investor protection?

On 3 December 2016, Morocco and Nigeria signed a new bilateral investment treaty (the "BIT"), with the overarching aim of strengthening "the bonds of …

12 May 2016

Arbitration and intra-EU BITs – German Bundesgerichtshof weighs in on the discussion

In its decision of 3 March 2016 (I ZB 2/15), published on 11 May 2016, the German Federal Court of Justice ("BGH") announced that it would request the …

05 November 2015

ICSID tribunal declines jurisdiction on basis of lack of evidence of necessary "control" under BIT and requires claimant to pay 80% of costs of the state

In the ICSID decision of Guardian Fiduciary Trust Ltd f/k/a Capital Conservator Savings & Loan Ltd v Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (ICSID …

16 April 2015

The European Commission prohibits Romania from compliance with an ICSID Award: implications for the enforcement of intra-EU investment treaty awards?

In a press release issued yesterday, the European Commission announced that it has ordered Romania to recover compensation paid pursuant to an ICSID …

20 November 2014

The future of investor-state arbitration

We live in interesting times for investment arbitration. There is wider public engagement with investment protection than there has ever been, prompted …