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31 August 2022

Disclosure Pilot Scheme to take effect as permanent new Practice Direction from 1 October 2022, with no substantial changes

The Disclosure Pilot Scheme, which has been operating in the Business and Property Courts since January 2019, is to be incorporated into the Civil …

09 June 2022

High Court orders broad "train of inquiry" (or Model E) disclosure on key issue in dispute

In a recent decision, the High Court has made a rare order for disclosure to be given under Model E of the Disclosure Pilot at PD51U - ie old-fashioned …

24 August 2021

High Court considers whether "Issues for Disclosure" under the Disclosure Pilot must be issues pleaded in the parties' statements of case

In a recent decision the Technology and Construction Court has held that, in most cases, the Issues for Disclosure under Practice Direction 51U (the …

16 August 2021

High Court finds accountants’ investigation report not protected by litigation privilege and considers requirements for obtaining disclosure under the Disclosure Pilot

The High Court has granted an application by a claimant state for orders that the defendant bank disclose an accounting firm’s investigation report (and …

29 July 2021

Disclosure Pilot to be extended for a further year and the procedures streamlined

22 January 2021

High Court confirms jurisdiction to order disclosure under Disclosure Pilot Scheme not confined to issues identifiable from statements of case

The High Court has confirmed that it has jurisdiction to order disclosure of specific documents under the Disclosure Pilot Scheme, even where the …

05 October 2020

Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 4: General update

30 September 2020

Article published - Disclosure Pilot Scheme: a potential way forward?

22 September 2020

Judicial Update on operation of the Disclosure Pilot Scheme

08 September 2020

Commercial Court 125 virtual seminar: insights on virtual hearings, the disclosure pilot and witness evidence reform

28 July 2020

Disclosure pilot scheme extended to the end of 2021

29 June 2020

Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 3: General update