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29 May 2024

Inducing a breach of contract: Court of Appeal considers necessary degree of participation in a third party's breach to establish tort of inducement

26 March 2024

High Court grants unfair prejudice petition on grounds of auditor's flawed valuation of claimant's shares in contractual exit process

16 January 2024

Court of Appeal refuses to strike out unfair prejudice petition seeking relief in favour of the company

19 December 2023

Compensation orders against disqualified directors: High Court confirms they are not limited to cases of fraud

13 November 2023

Court of Appeal rejects second major attempt at a climate-related derivative action

In July 2023, the Court of Appeal dismissed an application by members of a pension scheme to bring a derivative action against the directors of the …

09 November 2023

Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 21: General update

20 October 2023

Carillion director disqualification proceedings – Insolvency Service drops proceedings against non-executive directors in so-called "test case"

04 September 2023

High Court gives guidance on the so-called creditor duty where a company faces solvency-threatening claim

In a recent case, the High Court has had one of its first opportunities to consider BTI v Sequana [2022] UKSC 25 (see our previous update here), in which …

27 July 2023

Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 20: General update

25 July 2023

High Court confirms refusal of permission for ClientEarth derivative action against Shell directors

17 May 2023

High Court refuses permission for climate-change activist shareholder to bring derivative action on behalf of Shell plc against its directors

02 March 2023

Supreme Court decision gives further clarity on claims by distressed companies against directors

Although not directly concerned with directors' liabilities, the recent Supreme Court judgment in Stanford International Bank Ltd v HSBC Bank PLC [2022] …