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21 May 2024

High Court "entirely satisfied" Dr Craig Wright not Bitcoin inventor

Dr Craig Wright's claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin - the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto - have formed the basis for various proceedings both in the …

27 February 2024

Digital assets: Law Commission consults on private international law issues and draft legislation recognising a third category of personal property rights

19 July 2023

Commercial Court takes rare decision to refuse enforcement of arbitration award on public policy grounds in crypto case

The Commercial Court has refused to enforce a foreign-seated arbitration award on the grounds that to do so would be contrary to public policy, including …

01 June 2023

English court orders crypto exchange to transfer assets into England and Wales to facilitate enforcement of judgment

04 May 2023

High Court sets aside interim proprietary injunction against cryptocurrency exchange Binance

The High Court has discharged an interim proprietary injunction against the cryptocurrency exchange Binance which required it to preserve certain …

22 February 2023

Self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin can proceed with claim that Bitcoin branch networks breach his intellectual property rights

13 February 2023

Is the decentralised governance of Bitcoin a myth? Court of Appeal finds real issue to be tried as to whether developers owe fiduciary duties to Bitcoin owners

26 January 2023

High Court considers application of gateways for service out of the jurisdiction to cryptoassets removed from the jurisdiction

19 December 2022

Information orders granted against cryptocurrency exchanges to help trace stolen cryptocurrency

14 December 2022

High Court orders delivery up of stolen Bitcoin against crypto exchange

The High Court held, on an uncontested summary judgment application, that the crypto exchange controlling the wallet into which the claimant's stolen …

05 December 2022

What the Crypto Winter means for insolvency

There has been no shortage of high-profile insolvencies in the crypto market in recent months across a range of market participants and geographies. …

07 July 2022

High Court grants freezing injunction in relation to stolen non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Adding to the run of recent cases involving fraud or theft of cryptoassets, the High Court has granted an order restraining "persons unknown" from …