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20 February 2023

High Court finds UK sanctions do not preclude entry of judgments in favour of Russian sanctioned parties

20 October 2022

2022 Global Bank Review – Banking on People

07 July 2022

Has the FCA made individual responsibility in banking a reality?

15 June 2022

The Bank of England Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario

28 October 2021

November 2021: The month ahead in financial services regulatory developments…

18 March 2021

Bank culture reform: Hong Kong Monetary Authority commences review of retail banks’ front office incentive systems

15 January 2021


21 October 2020

2020 Global Bank Review: #disruption

14 September 2020

Industry codes: the regulatory and litigation risks and how to mitigate them in practice

28 February 2020

UK and EU set out their stalls on equivalence and the future trade deal (or no deal…?)

On 26 February 2020, the UK Government published its approach to UK's future relationship with the EU. The sections on financial services in the UK's …

14 December 2018

From offline to online: upholding investor protection in sale of complex products

As investment services go digital, Hong Kong regulators have found it necessary to issue tailored guidance to protect investors. From 6 April and 23 …

04 September 2017

Spotlight on investor protection: The Hong Kong Financial Dispute Resolution Centre implements a more moderate package of reforms

The Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (FDRC) in Hong Kong has issued its conclusions to its consultation on proposals to significantly expand the …