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In this blog post, we round-up key forthcoming developments in the UK and at EU and International levels in financial services regulation which are expected to happen in February and March 2022.


1 Feb
4 Feb
6 Feb
9 Feb
10 Feb
11 Feb
12 Feb
13 Feb
15 Feb
16 Feb
17 Feb
18 Feb
21 Feb
22 Feb
23 Feb
  • Deadline for feedback on EC adopted proposal for a regulation - alignment of EU rules on capital requirements to international standards (prudential requirements and market discipline)
25 Feb
28 Feb
1 Mar
3 Mar
4 Mar
8 Mar
9 Mar
10 Mar
13 Mar
14 Mar
18 Mar
20 Mar
21 Mar
22 Mar
23 Mar
24 Mar
25 Mar
  • Deadline for feedback to EC's adopted proposal for a regulation - Review of EU rules on long-term investment funds
26 Mar
30 Mar
31 Mar


Table of abbreviations:


AIFs Alternative Investment Funds FMSB FICC Markets Standards Board
AML Anti-money Laundering FPC Financial Policy Committee
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision FRANDT Fair, Reasonable, Non-discriminatory and Transparent
BoE Bank of England FRF Future Regulatory Framework
CCP  Central Counterparty G-SIB Global Systemically Important Bank
CfE Call for Evidence HMT HM Treasury
CHIS Covert Human Intelligence Sources IFD Investment Firms Directive (EU)
CMC Claims Management Company IFR Investment Firms Regulation (EU)
CP Consultation Paper IFSB Islamic Financial Services Board
CRD Capital Requirements Directive IOSCO International Organisation of Securities Commissions
CRR Capital Requirements Regulation IRB Internal Ratings-based
CSC Common and Secure Communications ITS  Implementing Technical Standards
CSDR Central Securities Depositories Regulation MiFID Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
DC Defined Contribution (pension) MLD Money Laundering Directive
DCMS Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport MLRs Money Laundering Regulations (UK)
DGS Deposit Guarantee Schemes OCIR  Operational Continuity in Resolution
DLT Distributed Ledger Technology  O-SII Other Systemically Important Institutions
DP Discussion Paper PEPP Pan-European Personal Pension Product
D-SIB Domestic Systemically Important Bank PERG Perimeter Guidance Manual
DWP Department for Work and Pensions PRA Prudential Regulation Authority
EBA European Banking Authority PS Policy Statement
EC European Commission REP-CRIM Financial Crime Reporting
ECB European Central Bank RTS Regulatory Technical Standards
EIOPA  European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority SCA Strong Customer Authentication
EMIR European Market Infrastructure Regulation SREP Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process
ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority STS Simple, Transparent, and Standardised
EuSEF European Social Entrepreneurship Fund TTP Temporary Transitional Power
EuVECA European Venture Capital Fund TPR The Pensions Regulator
FATF Financial Action Task Force UBO Ultimate Beneficial Owner
FCA Financial Conduct Authority UCITS Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities




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Karen Anderson

Consultant, London

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Susannah Cogman

Partner, London

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Hannah Cassidy

Partner, Head of Financial Services Regulatory, Asia, Hong Kong

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Clive Cunningham

Partner, London

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Marina Reason

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Chris Ninan

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Valerie Tao

Professional Support Lawyer, Hong Kong

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Professional Support Lawyer, London

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