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The European Parliament has issued a public questionnaire ('Assessing the Impact of the EU Mediation Directive and Exploring Legislative and Non-Legislative Measures to Encourage the Use of Mediation in EU Member States') to gather information about mediation policy and practice in civil and commercial cases in EU member states. 

One of the stated purposes of the review is 'to explore why mediation is not being as widely used as expected' following the adoption of the EU Mediation Directive (a copy of the Directive can be found here). In addition to seeking feedback on existing mediation practice in the EU jurisdictions, the survey sets out a number of legislative and non-legislative proposals for readers to rate in terms of their ability, or inability, to improve the use of mediation in their jurisdiction.  

Responses to the questionnaire will inform a report to be presented to the European Parliament by the end of November, which will include proposals to foster the use of mediation across the EU.