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Herbert Smith Freehills LLP and its subsidiaries and Herbert Smith Freehills, an Australian Partnership, are separate member firms of the international legal practice known as Herbert Smith Freehills.

We practise in Mainland China through representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai which are branches of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC310989. Herbert Smith Freehills LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority of England and Wales whose rules can be accessed via page. Certain of those regulations also apply to Herbert Smith Freehills entities in other jurisdictions, including us. A list of the members and their professional qualifications is open to inspection at the registered office, Exchange House, Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EG. We use the word partner of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP to refer to a member of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, or an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications.

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP is licensed to operate as a foreign law firm in China by the Ministry of Justice. Under Ministry of Justice regulations, foreign law firms in China are permitted, amongst other things, to provide consultancy services on non-Chinese law and on international conventions and practices, and to provide information on the impact of the Chinese legal environment. Under the same regulations, foreign law firms in China are not permitted to conduct Chinese legal affairs, including rendering legal opinions upon Chinese law.

In addition to these services, Herbert Smith Freehills provides access to PRC law advice through Herbert Smith Freehills Kewei (FTZ) Joint Operation in Shanghai. This Shanghai Free Trade Zone Joint Operation with Kewei Law Firm has been approved by the Shanghai Bureau of Justice.



28th Floor Office Tower
Beijing Yintai Centre
2 Jianguomenwai Avenue
Chaoyang District Beijing 100022

Phone +86 10 6535 5000
Fax +86 10 6535 5055

38/F Bund Center
222 Yan AN Road East
Shanghai 200002

Phone +86 21 2322 2000
Fax +86 21 2322 2322



Herbert Smith Freehills LLP及其各分支机构,以及Herbert Smith Freehills(一家澳大利亚的合伙机构),均为国际性法律服务机构Herbert Smith Freehills的独立成员事务所。

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP通过北京和上海代表处在中国内地执业。本所是在英格兰与威尔士注册登记(注册编号OC310989)的有限责任合伙机构,,由英格兰与威尔士律师监管局授权并监管,其监管条例可通过访问。Herbert Smith Freehills LLP在其注册办事处(地址为Exchange House, Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EG)备有成员名册及其专业资格供公开查阅。Herbert Smith Freehills LLP的「合伙人」系指Herbert Smith Freehills LLP的成员或具有同等地位与资格的员工或顾问。

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP获中国司法部授权在中国经营外国律师事务所。根据司法部的规定,在中国的外国律师事务所允许就非中国法的事务及就国际公约和惯例事务提供咨询服务,并提供有关中国法律环境影响的资讯。根据上述规定,在中国的外国律师事务所不得从事中国法律事务,包括就中国法律出具法律意见。

除上述服务外,经上海市司法局批准,Herbert Smith Freehills LLP与上海市自贸区的科伟律师事务所正式联营,通过史密夫斐尔科伟联营 (Herbert Smith Freehills Kewei (FTZ) Joint Operation) 提供中国法服务。


邮编: 100022

电话: +86 10 6535 5000
传真: +86 10 6535 5055

邮编: 200002

电话:+86 21 2322 2000
传真:+86 21 2322 2322