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It is a requirement of AML/CTF law or regulation in many of the jurisdictions in which we operate that we identify and verify the identity of our clients before establishing a business relationship and obtain assurances about the transactions which we are asked to carry out.

The type of client, its business and geographical location, amongst other things, will dictate the due diligence standard and the sort of documentary evidence we are required to obtain to verify a client's identity.

Where possible, we will seek the necessary documentation from publicly available sources and databases to which we have subscribed. However, in circumstances where the information is not available to us, we may need to obtain the information directly from you.

Where you have provided your personal information to us for the purpose of AML/CTF compliance and evidencing to us that we are an appropriate firm to be providing legal services to you, we will only process the information for that purpose.

If we are not able to obtain all the necessary documentation within a reasonable timeframe, we may not be able to act for you.