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Legal Briefings | 12 May 2017

E-commerce sector inquiry - EU Commission publishes final report

On 10 May 2017 the EU Commission published its final report in the e-commerce sector inquiry launched in May 2015 as part of a wider Digital Market Strategy which aims to achieve better access for consumers and businesses to online goods and services across the EU.
Legal Briefings | 12 May 2017

Proposed reform of data management practices all in the name of productivity

The Productivity Commission’s recommended new legislative data management framework
Legal Briefings | 11 May 2017

Gender pay gap reporting: Final regulations and guidance

In early December 2016 the Government published its long-awaited final form draft regulations on gender pay gap reporting. These were formally approved by Parliament and made on 6 February, without any amendments to the final form draft of the regulations.
Legal Briefings | 11 May 2017


A High Court decision earlier this week has applied a strict approach to litigation privilege in the context of criminal proceedings, finding that litigation was not in reasonable contemplation (so the first limb of the test for litigation privilege was not met) even though a criminal investigation...
Legal Briefings | 10 May 2017

Pharmacy review must decide if pharmacists are healthcare professionals or retailers

Pharmacy review must decide if pharmacists are healthcare professionals or retailers. Australia’s pharmacy sector has an identity crisis. Is it part of the healthcare sector? Is it just another retailer? Numerous reviews have given their answer to the question but reform has been elusive. Over the...
Legal Briefings | 10 May 2017

Key developments in Iran, May 2017

This update aims to provide a brief overview of key developments which have occurred in Iran during the past month and to highlight areas of future interest. In particular, the update covers notable developments in both the political arena and key economic sectors.
Legal Briefings | 09 May 2017

New FIDIC Yellow Book (Second Edition)

At the FIDIC International Contract Users Conference in London late last year, the pre-release of FIDIC's Yellow Book ("Second Edition") was revealed, with the objective of it being officially released late in 2017. FIDIC also announced that revised versions of the Red Book and Silver Book would...
Legal Briefings | 08 May 2017

Brexit Sector Viewpoint: Insurance

The UK’s insurance and long-term savings industry is the largest in Europe and the fourth-largest in the world. The insurance market developed in the UK over the last 200 years depends for its success upon, among other things, efficient regulation, access to world-class talent and the ability to...
Guides | 08 May 2017

Inside Construction and Infrastructure

Inside Construction and Infra is Herbert Smith Freehills' magazine for those involved in designing, procuring, building, owning or operating fixed assets.
Legal Briefings | 08 May 2017

Brexit Sector Viewpoint: Energy

The impact of Brexit on the energy sector depends on the wide range of possible outcomes from the post-Brexit negotiations, hinging on UK Government policy decisions and negotiation with the EU.
Legal Briefings | 08 May 2017

Brexit Sector Viewpoint: Technology

For years, the UK - and particularly London - has championed the role of tech firms in the UK economy. Hundreds of start-ups have benefitted from the UK Government's Tech City initiative, and both employees and customers have been drawn to the UK from around the world. Although the tech sector is...
Legal Briefings | 08 May 2017

Brexit Sector Viewpoint: Manufacturing and Industrials

The full, long term implications of Brexit for the UK economy are not yet clear. By the end of March 2019, the UK will have uncoupled from the EU's legal framework and a replacement, transitional or otherwise, will be in place. All companies will have to navigate this transition but for...
Legal Briefings | 08 May 2017

Brexit Sector Viewpoint: Infrastructure

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the UK, Europe and now the United States have found themselves in a state of political and economic uncertainty. As voters around the world express frustrations at the ballot box, the previously stable infrastructure sector is not immune either from sharp...
Legal Briefings | 05 May 2017

ASIC consults on industry funding model

The Federal Government has released the draft regulations on the operation of the industry funding model for ASIC. The ASIC Supervisory Cost Recovery Levy Regulations 2017 ( Regulations ) establish the mechanisms that will be used to calculate the levies payable by each class of regulated entity,...
Legal Briefings | 05 May 2017

Why a GPC event is like no other conference you've attended

With around half of the Global Pound Conference (GPC) events now behind us, well over a thousand delegates have experienced for themselves attending a GPC event. So what's it like? Put simply, the experience is unlike any other dispute resolution conference you'll have attended. No dozing at the...