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03 May 2022

The looming new EU Foreign Subsidies regime - A stricter framework?

Amendments to the EU's proposed new foreign subsidy rules have big implications for international firms in the region
02 May 2022

Scope of Australia’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regime to be widened?

The impact of Australia's proposed anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML/CTF) regulation is likely to cause an increase in the regulatory and reporting requirements of the Gatekeeper Professions in addition to the upfront and ongoing costs of set up and maintenance.
02 May 2022

The Future of Consumer – Asia-Pacific Predictions

Rampant digitisation, pressure on ESG, post-Covid upheaval – our video series tackles the big trends in the booming Asia-Pacific consumer sector
28 April 2022


ESG continues to climb up the corporate agenda despite muted economic outlook For the eighth consecutive year, our Corporate Debt team has surveyed and interviewed treasurers and other senior finance professionals over 80 large UK listed corporates (and equivalents) for our annual Corporate Debt...
28 April 2022

Pensions Regulator stresses inflation and geopolitical risks in latest Annual Funding Statement

Trustees should consider the impact of rising costs and fast-moving sanctions regimes on their schemes, regulator warns
27 April 2022

To register or not...? State of Escape decision reinforces value of design registration over attempts to rely on copyright

For designers and manufacturers launching new products, registered designs are the most appropriate means of protecting the design of, or embodied in, those products. A recent appeal court decision reinforces that, in the absence of a registered design, attempts to establish copyright in these...
25 April 2022

General counsel update - Q2 2022

From Covid-19 and Brexit fallout to Russia's military action in Ukraine and landmark disputes, our quarterly global guide provides insight on the key legal developments impacting business.
22 April 2022

An election for the (w)ages

Just three years ago, the then ALP Leader, Bill Shorten, announced that the 2019 Election would be a “referendum on wages”. A raft of reforms were proposed by the Opposition, which were described to be key changes aimed at addressing flat wage growth. The “Change the Rules” campaign led by the...
21 April 2022

Trading Vehicles: Overview (United Arab Emirates)

Our UAE authors are pleased to have contributed to the Thomson Reuters Practical Law practice note, providing an overview of the key corporate features of different trading vehicles that are commonly used when setting up a business in the UAE. It includes an overview of sole establishments, and the...
20 April 2022

Systemic and Shameful: Expanded Criminal Sanctions on the Horizon for Australian firms Engaging in Wage Theft?

Senate committee report puts tougher measures against employers underpaying wages back on the agenda
19 April 2022

Whistle while you work – predictions for Australia’s whistleblowing and anti-corruption reform

19 April 2022

Pensions and ESG Soundbite series

There is an increasing focus on the management of environment, social and governance (ESG) risks, including climate-related risks, by UK pension schemes, providers and assets managers. New and increasing disclosure requirements mean that trustees, providers and asset managers will be exposed to...
14 April 2022

It’s just human nature: AI cannot be a patent inventor in Australia

The Full Federal Court has ruled that only a natural person can be an inventor under the Patents Act 1990 .
13 April 2022

Federal Election 2022 – Will Australia's major parties make the case for industrial relations reform?

With elections looming and cost-of-living dominating the headlines, we ask if the main parties will seize on meaningful IR reform
13 April 2022


Amid soaring prices, political obstacles and pressure for enhanced security, the Government’s new energy playbook needs more than eye-catching targets to tackle the key issues