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20 December 2018

GC100 guidance on section 172: focus on directors’ duties

GC100, the association of general counsel and company secretaries working in UK FTSE 100 companies, has published guidance on directors’ duties under section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 (section 172) (2006 Act) and stakeholder considerations (the guidance). The government invited the GC100 to...
19 December 2018

Copyright holders in a stronger position to combat online infringement

Australian copyright holders are in a stronger position to block online infringement following recent amendments to the Australian Copyright Act.
18 December 2018

Mounting pressure on European Commission ahead of decision on technology standards for connected cars

The European Commission is soon set to decide on a key issue regarding the future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs): whether 5G or Wi-Fi should be the preferred communications technology for CAVs. The Commission was expected to issue draft legislation by way of a delegated act this year (...
18 December 2018

What use are “entire agreement” clauses on claims for pre-contractual misleading or deceptive conduct?

The High Court of England has recently affirmed 1 that an “entire agreement” clause does not exclude liability for misrepresentation. This article considers whether the law is the same in Australia and, if so, what is the point of an entire agreement clause?
18 December 2018

Madrid video updates: UTES y contratación pública

18 December 2018

A litigator's yearbook: 2018 (England and Wales)

As the end of another year approaches, we have published our annual "Litigator's yearbook" looking back at key developments from 2018 from the perspective of the commercial litigator.
17 December 2018

High Court clarifies uncertainty surrounding amendment of registered scheme constitutions

The High Court’s decision in Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Lewski [2018] HCA 63 has clarified the uncertainty around the meaning of ’rights’ where used in section 601GC(1)(b) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
17 December 2018

Brexit: Shareholders of UK companies face personal liability in Germany / Anteilseignern von UK-Gesellschaften droht die unbeschränkte Haftung

14 December 2018

The Future of Consumer Series

The Consumer industry is under constant pressure to keep pace with regulatory intervention and change; disruptive technologies; consumer preferences; and business model adaptations. In this series of insights we tackle these issues highlighting the legal challenges and consequences with the aim to...
14 December 2018

The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review, 7th Edition, Russia Chapter

Although Russia was ranked 135 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index, sharing the spot with such countries as Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay, in its Third Round Evaluation Report published on 21 November 2016, the Group of States against...
14 December 2018

The Unified patent court and unitary patent – Introduction

26 of the 28 European Union Member States (MSs) have participated in the enhanced cooperation needed to establish a new patent right – the European Patent with Unitary Effect, otherwise known as the unitary patent ( UP ). This new right will become available as soon as the new court system - the...
13 December 2018

Computer-implemented advertising method can rock on

Over recent years there has been doubt about the extent to which computer-implemented business methods and processes could be the proper subject of patent protection. Justice Robertson’s much anticipated decision in Rokt Pte Ltd v Commissioner of Patents 1 this week provides needed clarity on the...
13 December 2018

Are you ready for the new lease standards under IFRS 16?

CHANGES IN A NUTSHELL From 1 January 2019, a new IFRS 16 standard, which was published by the International Accounting Standards Board in January 2016, comes into force. It will profoundly change the accounting treatment of leases by requiring companies to bring most leases on-balance sheet. The...
13 December 2018

The View from Brussels – Comments on various "Plans B"

The negotiated withdrawal deal comprising a legally binding Withdrawal Agreement and a Political Declaration on future relations is facing significant opposition in the UK and is now unlikely to be submitted for parliamentary approval before January. The situation is confused and expressions of...
12 December 2018

New Directors’ Remuneration Reporting Guidance

The GC100 and Investor Group published on 7 December an updated version of its Directors’ Remuneration Reporting Guidance. The guidance is available via the Thomson Reuters Practical Law website.