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Legal Briefings | 23 March 2017

UPC Preparatory Committee holds final meeting signalling readiness for the UPC's Provisional Application Phase and Germany passes bills necessary to ratify the UPC Agreement

The UPC Preparatory Committee held its final meeting on 15 March at which it agreed a collection of legal, HR and financial documents and confirmed that the Provisional Application Phase could commence once the final Signatory States had acceded to the Protocol on Provisional Application. The...
Legal Briefings | 23 March 2017

Plan de estímulo a la inversión en el sector de hidrocarburos no convencionales en Argentina

El pasado 6 de marzo, el Ministerio de Energía y Minas argentino publicó un programa para atraer inversiones en el sector de hidrocarburos no convencionales. El gobierno argentino está implementando las medidas necesarias para elevar su producción de hidrocarburos y atraer inversiones a este sector.
Legal Briefings | 23 March 2017

Insurer huffs and puffs… but policyholder’s claim stands

A policyholder whose negligence led to the catastrophic destruction of a residential home in Brisbane has secured liability insurance coverage in a recent Queensland Supreme Court decision, despite its insurer’s insistence that a freak storm (for which the policyholder could not be liable) was the...
Legal Briefings | 23 March 2017

Towns under Siege…hostile takeover bids one year on

Our survey of hostile takeovers in Australia in 2016 reveals a number of interesting findings. One key takeaway is the continuing importance of obtaining a recommendation from the target board, with bidders in many cases recognising that need and paying for a recommendation in order to improve...
Legal Briefings | 23 March 2017

ASIC turns up the heat on expert independence, reverse takeover votes and shareholder intention statement solicitation

We look at the areas where ASIC is turning up the heat, as flagged in ASIC’s Corporate Finance Report for the second half of 2016.
Legal Briefings | 23 March 2017

InterOil deal - Canadian Court approves acquisition on second attempt

ExxonMobil’s acquisition of InterOil has now been successfully completed, following an adverse court decision blocking ExxonMobil’s initial acquisition attempt. In this article, we summarise the transaction developments, consider the issues regarding disclosure to shareholders and consider what...
Events | 22 March 2017


Eastern Africa Politics and Security in 2017: Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward
Legal Briefings | 22 March 2017

Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update - March 2017

This month, we take a look at the topic of workplace health and safety and employer obligations in this space. One of the latest developments in the region is in South Korea, where proposed amendments to the Occupational Safety and Health Act are currently being considered by the National Assembly...
Legal Briefings | 22 March 2017

Real estate investment in Indonesia

In recent years, the real estate sector in Indonesia has attracted major international investors, at levels not seen before since the Asian financial crisis in 1997.
Audio and Video | 21 March 2017

Video: Rebecca Maslen-Stannage interviewed on Australian M&A

Legal Briefings | 21 March 2017

High Court orders ISPs to block their customers from receiving unauthorised streaming of Premier League football matches

Following on from a number of decisions in which internet service providers ( ISPs ) were ordered to block their customers from accessing websites whose content infringed the rights of intellectual property owners, the High Court has granted an order sought by the Premier League that requires 6...
Legal Briefings | 21 March 2017

Unified Patent Court Agreement (including signatories and ratification)

Establishment of the Unified Patent Court (UPC): The UPC is established via an international agreement: the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPCA) , Council of Europe, 11 January 2013. This is an international agreement/treaty between 25 of the 28 Member States of the European Union setting up...
Legal Briefings | 21 March 2017

UPC latest news

Legal Briefings | 20 March 2017

Anti-Money Laundering Counter-Terrorism Financing Update: Global trends and a new resource for reporting entities

2017 is shaping up to be a year of continued activity in Australia’s Anti-Money Laundering Counter Terrorism Financing ( AML/CTF ) space.
Legal Briefings | 20 March 2017

Anglo-Aussie Miners Outperform on Human Rights

BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto were ranked in the top three firms in the first Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) report , released last week. Leading consumer brands have also performed relatively well while major State-owned oil and gas companies and household names have been amongst the worst...