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27 July 2020

Amendments to Queensland’s security of payment regime

Amendments to Queensland’s Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 ( BIF Act ) have now passed, simplifying the project bank account framework and amending the rights and obligations of all parties involved in construction contracts in Queensland.
27 July 2020

Webinar: Workplace manslaughter developments in Australia – A national snapshot

Nearly all Australian States and Territories have approached the law around Workplace Manslaughter differently, in a further departure from the proposed ‘harmonisation’ of safety laws. The introduction of these very serious criminal offences is the topic of discussion in boardrooms, executive teams...
27 July 2020

Summary of key EU Merger Control developments

Our Brussels competition experts have contributed a chapter to Global Competition Review's 2021 EMEA Antitrust Review, which is now available and can be downloaded through the link below.
27 July 2020

The Prevention Principle – An irreproachable concept?

We recently spoke with Thomas Lazur of Keating Chambers on the "prevention principle." Our discussion can be listened to here , and this article supplements that discussion and considers further some of the key points raised during our conversation.
23 July 2020

Director Identification Numbers and revamped Business Registries coming soon

All company directors (including those based overseas) will soon be required to register for a unique ‘Director Identification Number’ in a bid to crackdown on illegal phoenix activity. This requirement is likely to commence by mid-2021. Australia’s 35 existing business registries are set to be...
23 July 2020

People: Changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker – what you need to know (Australia)

The Australian Government has announced that it will extend the JobKeeper Payment scheme until 28 March 2021, subject to modifications to tighten employer eligibility and a phased reduction in the JobKeeper payment rate. Employers should consider how these changes might impact their existing or...
23 July 2020

Pressure points: Insurance cover for COVID-19 related financial losses? (Australia)

There has been significant debate about insurance coverage for financial losses associated with COVID-19. Uncertainty exists because of the absence of any ‘physical damage’ to insured property, 1 which typically triggers the ‘business interruption’ ( BI ) coverage in the industry standard...
23 July 2020

Data Class Actions: the threat to business

Our Data Class Actions team has today published an article about the future of class actions in the August 2020 issue of PLC Magazine . The article first appeared in the August 2020 issue of PLC Magazine . The article follows the Supreme Court’s decision in Various Claimants v WM Morrison...
22 July 2020

Supply Chain Law in Germany: Current steps towards a mandatory human rights due diligence law

Germany is currently working on a mandatory human rights due diligence law (“Lieferkettengesetz” or “Sorgfaltspflichtengesetz”) that would oblige large German companies to take appropriate measures to prevent human rights violations in their business activities and supply chains. If companies fail...
21 July 2020

Can predictive analytics prevent employee misconduct?

With predictive policing and crime forecasting gaining attention, although not always good, it is not surprising that businesses are considering how to deploy analytics in their fight against employee misconduct. Certainly, financial regulators have encouraged organisations to become more...
21 July 2020

The byte of big data: Investigations and enforcement

The growth in volume and complexity of information available has had a tremendous impact on international commerce, and rapidly changing the way in which regulators and law enforcement conduct an investigation. For businesses, data provides significant commercial opportunities and the ability to...
21 July 2020

Catalyst // Exploring Opportunities: Digital Transformation

The world is undergoing rapid technological change, spurred on by the Covid-19 pandemic. The fusing of people, process and technology, on a global scale, is fundamentally changing the way business is done - optimising existing business models and creating new sources of value.
21 July 2020

Digital forensics in investigations and the growing data burden

The approach to digital forensics in investigations is constantly evolving to keep pace with the increasing volume, velocity and variety of data within organisations. Almost every action we take leaves a digital trail and the type of information businesses are collecting, both internal and external...
21 July 2020

Monitoring for misconduct: Client survey insights

The age of big data is upon us. Advances in data analytics and machine learning offer significant potential for compliance driven monitoring for misconduct. Whether it is monitoring employees, supply chains or customer transactions – there are opportunities for a more efficient and effective...
21 July 2020

Big data and modern slavery

While the benefits of data and technology can be leveraged to aid businesses with modern slavery compliance and due diligence, businesses should not lose sight of the risks involved with overreliance on these tools. Despite the promise of more informed decision making, big data is not without its...