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30 August 2019

The Rise of Super Apps in Indonesia

With its high internet penetration and being arguably the fastest growing market for smartphones in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has become a key market for e-commerce and other digital platforms in the region. While such platforms started by offering mainly consumer goods, they have begun to...
30 August 2019

Mid-year M&A report

Worldwide M&A activity has been down for the first half of 2019, with Australia similarly affected. We look at some recent statistics and recap on current issues in our market emerging from transactions, the Takeovers Panel, ASIC and the courts.
30 August 2019

Director recommendations in schemes revisited

We previously reported on suggestions by Courts that target directors who will receive a bonus on the implementation of a scheme of arrangement should not make a recommendation to shareholders as to how to vote. 1 A recent decision rejects those suggestions and emphasises that the law ordinarily...
30 August 2019

Ramping Reprimand: ASX issues latest disclosure caution

Listed companies should be aware that “ramping” announcements are on the ASX’s radar. Companies risk suspension from trading if the ASX considers that they have released announcements that are designed to “ramp” up their share price rather than to inform the market.
29 August 2019

Is High Speed Rail viable in Australia?

Every so often (and usually just prior to an election) someone floats the idea of building high-speed rail in Australia. Maybe it’s connecting Melbourne to Brisbane, or perhaps linking major regional centres to capital cities.
29 August 2019

Careful consideration - Manufacturing Today

Dealing with political risk in the manufacturing business; or how to protect your cross-border investment.
28 August 2019

Is your Australian trade mark culturally appropriate?

In the globalised world in which we live, culture is certainly trending, but brands need to keep cultural sensitivities in mind to avoid marketing mishaps and public backlash.
22 August 2019

2019 Update: Key changes to Australian stamp duty

Significant stamp duty changes have commenced in a number of Australian states and territories, with ramifications for property development, foreign investment and corporate restructures.
21 August 2019

The Government Procurement Review: Russia

20 August 2019

DC Circuit Court Requires Subpoenaed Chinese Banks to Produce Documents in Money Laundering Case

On July 30, 2019, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit unanimously upheld a district court order requiring three unnamed Chinese banks to produce financial records subpoenaed by US federal prosecutors. Although the US government does not currently suspect that the subpoenaed banks took part...
16 August 2019

NSW Modern Slavery – opportunity to provide input

In June 2018, the Parliament of New South Wales passed the NSW Modern Slavery Act , ahead of the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act which passed in December 2018. However, the NSW Modern Slavery Act is yet to commence and it has been reported that the NSW Special Minister of State had received advice...
15 August 2019

Australian Patent Update: three key changes underway

Last August we considered IP Australia’s Exposure Draft outlining the potential impact of proposed changes to the Patents Act 1990 (Cth). Following the Exposure Draft’s release, IP Australia received 18 submissions in response, including submissions from AusBiotech, Medicines Australia and the...
13 August 2019

K-Line receives a record $34.5m fine for criminal cartel conduct

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd ( K-Line ) has received the largest criminal fine imposed under the Competition and Consumer Act, after pleading guilty to criminal cartel conduct in 2018.
07 August 2019

Policyholder successfully appeals refusal to apply one deductible to multiple claims in Class Action

In good news for policyholders defending class actions, the NSW Court of Appeal has ruled that multiple claims in a class action against Bank of Queensland over a “Ponzi scheme” should be treated as a single claim under the Civil Liability Policy’s aggregation clause, meaning that only one...
05 August 2019

Paddling to surfing: the rise of Online Dispute Resolution

ODR has become a common term in the disputes world. Given business is almost always conducted online, why shouldn't disputes be resolved in the same way? Whether it is Brexit or the Belt and Road, ODR has been touted as part of the solution.