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01 June 2023

UPC Structure – local, regional and central divisions and Court of Appeal

The UPC will have a Court of First Instance (divided into local, regional and central divisions) and a Court of Appeal (Luxembourg). Cases will commence in any one of these divisions according to the subject matter and the prescribed division set out in the UPC Agreement and the UPC Rules .
01 June 2023

UPC Key Documents – legislation and guidance

A collection of easy links to the key pieces of legislation and rules governing the Unified Patent Court and unitary patent:
01 June 2023

UPC Court Fees

The Administrative Committee of the UPC has issued a Table of Court fees document (8 July 2022; in force 1 September 2022).
26 May 2023

The purchaser who hesitates is lost: court rules on claims regimes under a sale agreement and the Australian Consumer Law

The Federal Court has recently released a decision in Optic Security Australia 2 Pty Limited v YC Investments (NT) Pty Ltd regarding claims made by a buyer for breach of contractual warranties and statutory misleading or deceptive conduct in the context of a sale of a business.
26 May 2023

Taking stock: pre-deal exclusivity trends since the Takeovers Panel’s consultation on deal protection arrangements at the non-binding bid stage

The Takeovers Panel has begun consultation to revise its guidance on deal protection granted at the non-binding bid stage, and companies have already started following pre-deal exclusivity and deal protection arrangements since the Panel's consultation paper was released.
26 May 2023

It’s who you know: a reminder on the importance of ‘association’

We review the concept of ‘association’ and practical considerations in light of the Panel’s recent declaration of unacceptable circumstances regarding various undisclosed associations in relation to the affairs of The Market Herald Limited (ASX: TMH).
26 May 2023

Bargaining dynamics in Australia in a post-Secure Jobs, Better Pay world

What are the impacts of the Secure Jobs, Better Pay reforms on bargaining dynamics and what can employers do to approach bargaining planning in the new world of industrial relations.
26 May 2023

Australian Modern Slavery Act to move into a new phase?

On 24 May 2023, the Australian Government tabled a report outlining recommendations for reform of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) ( Act ). The report is the output of a statutory review of the Act by Professor John McMillan AO, which sought public consultation on the effectiveness of the first...
25 May 2023


We are excited to launch a new collaboration between our London and China offices: the London x China podcast series . 我们非常高兴为大家带来由本所伦敦和中国办事处合作推出的《聆听英国法》中文播客系列节目。
25 May 2023

Hong Kong gives green light to retail access to crypto platforms as guardrails are finalised

The new regime looks to provide protection after a year of turmoil in the sector
24 May 2023

Public M&A UK - The podcast series

Our corporate team assesses the key trends and developments in the UK's fast-moving deal scene.
23 May 2023

G7 Leaders Call for Global AI Governance

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are among those calling for guardrails on the powerful technology
22 May 2023

Impact finance: social loans and principles powering positive change

Social loans are a tool for lenders and borrowers to measure impact and minimise risk.
19 May 2023

Australian Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety Podcasts

Join our experts as they discuss and share their views on the latest developments we are seeing in the employment, industrial relations and workplace healthy and safety space covering areas such as underpayment compliance, annualised salary provisions, industrial manslaughter laws and what key...
19 May 2023

IP law podcast series - Unravelling the issues

Our experts explore the hottest topics and controversies in intellectual property law