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13 January 2021


The automotive industry is unquestionably evolving at considerable pace whether through advances in connectivity and autonomy in vehicles, developments in the way that consumers access and use vehicles or changes driven by the 'electric revolution' and the industry disruption caused by the COVID-19...
13 January 2021

New Italian rules on the review of foreign investments in Italy: dawn of an era of greater certainty for foreign investors? A focus on the energy sector

Article 10-ter of Law of 18 December 2020, no. 176, extended the temporary regime introduced with the Liquidity Decree until 30 June 2021. Following the extension of the Governmental Powers on FDI carried out with Law Decree of 8 April 2020, No. 23 (the “ Liquidity Decree ”), on 18 and 23 December...
12 January 2021

Executive remuneration and accountability – the revised APRA CPS 511 Remuneration

On 12 November 2020, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority ( APRA ) released a revised draft Prudential Standard CPS 511 Remuneration for consultation ( Revised Draft CPS 511 ). The revised standard has moved away from the prescriptive requirements of the initial consultation draft,...
11 January 2021

New year, new UK sanctions regime

Upon the end of the Brexit transition period at 11pm on 31 December 2020, the UK ceased to implement EU sanctions. UK sanctions are now in force under the UK’s domestic sanctions regime, the framework for which is contained in the Sanctions and Money Laundering Act 2018 (“SAMLA”). The UK has...
11 January 2021

M&A in 2021: Resilient, agile and coming off mute

2020 proved to be a year of two halves. In Q1 and Q2 the market suffered the effects of the pandemic in a dramatic way. But Q3 and Q4 proved surprisingly resilient, and we saw significant M&A activity, whether paused deals restarted, or new opportunities taken. After a year when the three most...
11 January 2021

Green finance and innovation - point 10 of the UK Government’s Ten Point Plan

In the final limb of its Ten Point Plan (the Plan ), the Government acknowledges the significant investment required to achieve net zero through the developments and innovations elsewhere in the Plan. It seeks to leverage public and private sources of financing, increasing investment in research...
08 January 2021


By virtue of the types of financial services our client institutions provide to customers ranging from individuals to professional investors and the client-facing nature of these services, they are often on the receiving end of unexpected events and trouble. In this series that is designed...
08 January 2021

Protecting our natural environment - point 9 of the UK Government’s Ten Point Plan

Recognising that the natural environment plays a key role in capturing and sequestering carbon, and with the objective of reversing environmental harm and enhancing biodiversity, the government has committed to “safeguard our cherished landscapes, restore habitats for wildlife…and adapt to climate...
08 January 2021

The Increasing Prominence of Sustainable Financing for Corporates

Sustainable financing and responsible investing are more prominent now than they have ever been. Many companies across sectors are now making ESG a key pillar of their corporate strategy.
06 January 2021

Carbon capture, usage and storage – point 8 of the UK Government’s Ten Point Plan

Becoming a world-leader in carbon capture, usage and storage ( CCUS ) technology is at the heart of the UK Government’s new plan for a “green industrial revolution” released on 18 November 2020 ( Ten Point Plan ).
05 January 2021

Homes and public buildings – point 7 of the UK Government’s Ten Point Plan

One of the aspects of the Government’s new Ten Point Plan is to make homes and public buildings greener. According to Government figures, homes in the UK made up 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, or 22% if electricity consumption is included.
05 January 2021

Video: Take 20 minutes to move and combat aches and pains

We're working with East London Pilates to bring you a weekly 20-minute energy break – a great way to take some time out, boost your mobility and improve your energy levels.
31 December 2020

The View From Brussels: EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement Level Playing Field Provisions and their Enforcement

We now have an agreement on the future partnership between the UK and the EU. It is given the name Trade and Cooperation Agreement ( TCA ) but is, in EU parlance, an Association Agreement – a type of agreement which, in accordance with its legal basis - Article 217 TFEU, involves “reciprocal rights...
29 December 2020

Pressure Points: Covid-19 related closures of commercial premises resulting in a frustration of contract (Störung der Geschäftsgrundlage) - Does new legislation provide certainty?

On 17 December 2020, the German Parliament adopted a law, which among others, includes the implementation of the following provision: "Frustration of Contract regarding Lease Agreements If, as a result of government measures implemented to control the Covid-19 pandemic, leased premises (except for...
24 December 2020

EU and UK reach agreement on their future relationship beyond 31 December 2020: message from our Chair and Senior Partner

Below is a message from our Chair and Senior Partner James Palmer.