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18 February 2020

Insurance for COVID-19 losses

The Coronavirus and the consequential action by Chinese authorities to quarantine areas and close factories is causing significant disruption to supply chain logistics for businesses all over the world. Many Australian policyholders are asking: can the adverse financial consequences of the...
18 February 2020

Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector – a new regulatory field?

The Committee on Standards in Public Life (the “Committee”) has published a report on artificial intelligence (“AI”) and its impact on public standards following the Committee’s review into this fast-developing field (the “Report”). The Report sets out the Committee’s recommendations for the...
17 February 2020

Foreign investment: Rising tides of politics in regulation

Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) filings are an increasingly important piece of the regulatory jigsaw for cross-border M&A. Our newly updated report on Foreign Investment: Rising Tides of Politics in Regulation considers both the current landscape and new restrictions due to take effect by the...
14 February 2020

Endeavours obligations: How hard do you have to try?

Obligations to endeavour to achieve some object are commonly agreed in commercial contracts where the relevant party is not willing to take on an absolute obligation to that effect.
14 February 2020

Federal Court provides helpful guidance on a range of AFSL concepts

On 5 February 2020, the Federal Court of Australia handed down its decision in Australian Securities and Investments Commission v One Tech Media Ltd [2020] FCA 46 ( One Tech Media ). The Court found that One Tech Media Limited ( One Tech ), Allianz Metro Pty Ltd ( Allianz Australia ) and others had...
12 February 2020

Biometric myopia: Expanding the facial recognition debate

In the past six months, the global furore over public as well as private sector use of facial recognition technology has only increased. However, although this debate is increasing in volume, it is arguably not expanding in scope.
12 February 2020

A new era: what’s in store for tech regulation in 2020?

With headlines accumulating, and calls for regulatory action accelerating, 2019 ended the decade with the rise of the techlash and the end of ‘ permissionless innovation ’. As we move into the 2020’s with these long-simmering trends continuing to erupt, how will the race to regulate ‘big tech’ play...
11 February 2020

FSR consultation package – the 2020 vision

One year on from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, the Federal Government has released its most significant reform package for the financial services industry.
10 February 2020

All together now: The important role that UK business has to play in wider society

In many jurisdictions there has been a considerable increase in focus on corporate governance issues in recent years. In particular, additional requirements have been introduced, or are being proposed, to the corporate governance landscape that seek to further widen social and stakeholder goals...
10 February 2020

Reforms to the audit market – major changes ahead

Recent years have seen an unprecedented focus on audit and auditors in the UK. This has been driven, at least in part, by a number of high-profile corporate failures as well as the perceived widening of the ‘audit expectations gap’, the difference between what users expect from an audit and the...
10 February 2020

Patent and Pharma Update, February 2020

Key recent developments in the United Kingdom and Europe relating to patents and the pharmaceutical sector In this issue we report on the Supreme Court decision of Shanks v Unilever on employee inventor compensation. We update on two CJEU decisions relation to public access to documents submitted...
07 February 2020

The Future of Consumer Series

The Consumer industry is under constant pressure to keep pace with regulatory intervention and change; disruptive technologies; consumer preferences; and business model adaptations. In this series of insights we tackle these issues highlighting the legal challenges and consequences with the aim to...
07 February 2020

Fighting for a consumer-friendly market: stricter rules in the EU

A spate of high-profile cases across the EU has brought the spotlight firmly on how to combat unfair commercial practices and increase consumer protection. The European Commission has been focussing on how to increase consumer protection and reinforce the EU's reputation for being a high quality,...
07 February 2020

UPC latest news

Optimism from the EPO and UPC Preparatory Committee on UPC start date; EU JURI Committee report highlights continuing challenges
06 February 2020

ECJ rules for the first time on “pay-for-delay” agreements

On 30 January 2020 the European Court of Justice (“ ECJ ”) clarified for the first time the criteria governing whether so-called “pay-for-delay” agreements entered into between originator and generic pharmaceutical companies fall foul of EU competition law rules. Such agreements are a form of...