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31 March 2021

Policyholder successfully challenges insurer’s refusal to cover ‘securities claim’

In good news for policyholders defending class actions, the Federal Court of Australia has rejected an insurer’s arguments that a class action settlement was not covered because: the units in an ASX-listed trust the subject of the proceedings were not “securities”; and the proceedings arose from...
30 March 2021

New ACICA 2021 Arbitration Rules

The Australian Centre of International Commercial Arbitration ( ACICA ) has unveiled revised Arbitration Rules due to enter into force in April 2021. As arbitration continues to be on the rise in Australia, and ACICA enjoys record caseloads, the 2021 ACICA Rules set out ACICA’s vision for the...
29 March 2021

Pressure points: The light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel? the landscape for arbitration and disputes in a time of uncertainty and hope

The approval and rollout of mass Covid 19 vaccinations across many parts of the world has prompted many to look ahead to a “post-Covid” world. For clients and practitioners of arbitration who have witnessed the almost overnight shift of arbitral practice into the virtual arena, that quest for a...
29 March 2021

UAE Cabinet approves the establishment of the Executive Office for AML and CFT

The UAE Cabinet has approved the establishment of the Executive Office of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism to oversee the implementation of the UAE’s National AML/CFT Strategy and National Action Plan ( NAP ).
26 March 2021

Major foreign investment reforms in Australia – what you need to know

Significant amendments to Australia’s foreign investment regime commenced on 1 January 2021. Nearly three months after their commencement, we are beginning to see evidence of a more cautious approach by applicants seeking foreign investment approval. However, 2021 has also brought some positive...
24 March 2021

Workplace change for the Covid recovery

Australian Industrial Relations reforms In May 2020, the government announced its intention to introduce workplace changes to support the rebuilding of a post-Covid economy. Join our Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team as we unpack the headlines and follow the latest developments on...
24 March 2021

Public Law Podcast Series

In our public law podcast series, we discuss themes, developments and topical issues we see on public law transactions in the UK.
24 March 2021

Australian Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety Podcasts

Join our experts as they discuss and share their views on the latest developments we are seeing in the employment, industrial relations and workplace healthy and safety space covering areas such as underpayment compliance, annualised salary provisions, industrial manslaughter laws and what key...
24 March 2021

Australian Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety Webinars

In case you missed it, you can access our previous Employment & IR briefing and Safety Leadership Series webinars below. Join our expert briefings for the latest developments we are seeing in the employment, industrial relations and workplace healthy and safety space. In these short sessions,...
24 March 2021

Pensions and ESG Soundbite series

There is an increasing focus on the management of environment, social and governance (ESG) risks, including climate-related risks, by UK pension schemes, providers and assets managers. New and increasing disclosure requirements mean that trustees, providers and asset managers will be exposed to...
22 March 2021

‘Back to normal’ on section 127 – but not in a good way

In these unprecedented times, ‘getting back to normal’ has become a goal for individuals, organisations and governments. A symbol of beating the pandemic and resuming lives unaffected by the restrictions of the past 12 months or so.
17 March 2021

In Search of the Limits of Article 30 of the EEC Treaty Revisited

Eric White, an EU and Trade Law specialist in our Brussels office, has recently published an update to his seminal article ‘ In Search of the Limits of Article 30 of the EEC Treaty ’, published in the Common Market Law Review in 1986, that introduced the trading arrangements and market access...
15 March 2021

Regulator issues draft guidance on policing new criminal offences

The Pension Regulator has published for consultation its much anticipated draft guidance on how it intends to police the new pensions criminal offences due to come into force this Autumn. The draft guidance suggests that the Regulator will use these new powers sparingly and that they are not...
12 March 2021

Forearmed: A real estate disputes guide to likely trends in 2021 and beyond

Thankfully, most real estate investments do not suffer from complex disputes. But, as a real estate disputes team with experience going back to the early 1990s, and through several cycles of the economy, we have seen the kinds of issue that can arise at times when there is uncertainty in the global...
12 March 2021

Mandatory human rights and ESG due diligence in Europe – a race to the top?

On 10 March 2021 the European Parliament voted by a large majority to adopt an ambitious report of the Committee for Legal Affairs, calling for the introduction of far reaching mandatory human rights and ESG due diligence requirements for companies domiciled or operating in the EU. One week before...