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09 September 2022

Henkel washes away Reckitt Benckiser trade marks and interim injunction in dishwasher product stoush

The Federal Court has recently published its decision following the first instance trial on the merits in the ongoing stoush between Reckitt Benckiser ( RB ) (manufacturer of FINISH dishwasher products) and Henkel (manufacturer of SOMAT dishwasher products).
08 September 2022

Tax Bites: Australian Tax Podcast Series

We explore the latest tax developments in Australia.
08 September 2022

Tax in Australia

Global enterprises, corporations and businesses functioning or actively trading in Australia along with its taxpayers, have to comply within a dynamic tax landscape. It is distinctly multifaceted and complex.
07 September 2022


Kyriakos Fountoukakos (EMEA Regional Head of Competition, Regulation and Trade) and Kian O'Connell (Legal Stagiaire) in our Brussels office have recently co-authored an article on EU competition law considerations in relation to consortia, published by Competition Policy International .
07 September 2022

Court of Appeal dismisses 'Covid defence' against cinema's rent arrears

The decision will be welcomed by landlords seeking recoveries but reminds tenants of their financial obligations
07 September 2022

Cartel Intel – updates from our EMEA network

The cartel crackdown continues across EMEA, with levels of enforcement exceeding those witnessed immediately before the COVID-19 pandemic. Leading the way, the European Commission has conducted new dawn raid inspections in each of May, June and July. At the same time, the rules of the game have...
06 September 2022

INside Asia M&A Podcast

What are the key Asia M&A trends that private investors, corporates and intermediaries should zero in on?
06 September 2022

German court clarifies rules on foreign landlords' tax status

Our experts explore what the national tax court's decision on permanent establishment means for international real estate investors
05 September 2022

Registration regime for overseas entities up and running – What you need to know

The countdown is on for overseas owners of property in the UK to comply with the tightened register regime following the government's clampdown on economic crime
05 September 2022

Towards net zero Australia

Our discussion on the energy transition, industry decarbonisation, technology and investment in Australia.
01 September 2022

Australian Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety Webinars

In case you missed it, you can access our previous Employment & IR briefing and Safety Leadership Series webinars below. Join our expert briefings for the latest developments we are seeing in the employment, industrial relations and workplace healthy and safety space. In these short sessions,...
01 September 2022

Australian Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety Podcasts

Join our experts as they discuss and share their views on the latest developments we are seeing in the employment, industrial relations and workplace healthy and safety space covering areas such as underpayment compliance, annualised salary provisions, industrial manslaughter laws and what key...
31 August 2022

The IP in NFTs – Strategies for protecting your brands and products in the metaverse

As more businesses explore the emerging world of NFTs and virtual landscapes, our experts assess the risks and how to protect your intellectual property
31 August 2022

Australian Government mulls new measures to toughen Modern Slavery Act

The new Labor government consults on a more muscular approach as landmark legislation undergoes first three-year review
30 August 2022


We are pleased to share Infinite Possibilities , our first-ever publication focusing on autism. It is a collection of inspiring personal stories written by our people and friends of the firm who are either themselves autistic or closely related to someone on the spectrum. It highlights the hugely...