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Events | 06 June 2018

Markfest: An evening of trade marks

Herbert Smith Freehills would like to invite you to an evening event focussing on recent developments in trade mark law. Please join us to hear from a number of leading speakers on trade mark issues affecting brand owners in the UK.
Legal Briefings | 23 May 2018

Litigation funding on the rise

Litigation funding is an increasingly common feature of commercial dispute resolution. Key players in the funding market are building global capacity and diversifying the range of matters and jurisdictions in which they invest, and it is increasingly common for funded actions relating to the same...
Legal Briefings | 22 May 2018

Supreme Court ruling in the tobacco retail pricing case: OFT decision not to reimburse fines imposed on Gallaher and Somerfield was not irrational

The Supreme Court has found that the OFT (the CMA's predecessor) did not act unlawfully in failing to repay fines imposed on Gallaher and Somerfield as part of their settlement of the OFT's tobacco retail pricing investigation. This was the case despite there being: a successful appeal against the...
Guides | 21 May 2018

Middle East anti-corruption regulations legal guide 2018

The Middle East region presents various anti-corruption challenges for businesses. These include difficulty in identifying politically exposed persons, prevalence of intermediaries in the conduct of business relationships and a widespread difficulty in accessing company ownership and financial...
Webinars | 21 May 2018

US withdrawal from the JCPOA – understanding the implications for your business

Recording: Originally broadcast on Monday 21 May 2018
Legal Briefings | 18 May 2018

Upheaval and uncertainty in mineral regulation in key African mining jurisdictions

Resurgence of resource nationalism highlights the importance of investment treaty protections
Legal Briefings | 18 May 2018

New Regulation for Digital Currency Exchanges in Australia

The spectres of money laundering and terrorism funding have haunted cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin, since they exploded out of relative obscurity a few years ago. Regulators around the world are now working out how to effectively regulate the trade of cryptocurrencies and how to adapt...
Legal Briefings | 18 May 2018

The Inevitable Surprise: how technology will change what we do

There is a lot of technological change happening at the moment, and that is driving lots of other change. This is going to continue for the foreseeable future. Even if you haven’t read the articles, you’ve seen the headlines. The fashionable tech development at the moment is artificial intelligence...
Audio and Video | 17 May 2018

Madrid video updates: Empresas y Derechos Humanos en España

Guides | 16 May 2018

Global Pound Conference Series – Redefining dispute resolution

Most dispute resolution still has as its frame of reference an adversarial process (litigation or arbitration) based on asserted legal rights with the lawyer fighting their client's corner tenaciously. However, with the lawyers of Generation Y, Millennials and Generation Z growing into positions of...
Legal Briefings | 16 May 2018

Bricks and clicks: How M&A is accelerating the convergence of the high street and online

In previous articles in our Future of Consumer series we have examined how artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality are being used by retailers to offer an enhanced retail experience to consumers. Our latest briefing Bricks and clicks - How M&A is accelerating the...
Legal Briefings | 16 May 2018

The Future of Consumer Series

The Consumer industry is under constant pressure to keep pace with regulatory intervention and change; disruptive technologies; consumer preferences; and business model adaptations. In this series of insights we tackle these issues highlighting the legal challenges and consequences with the aim to...
Legal Briefings | 15 May 2018

Key Developments in Iran, May 2018

This update provides an overview of key developments which have occurred in Iran during the past month and highlights areas of future interest. In particular, the update covers notable developments in the political arena and key economic sectors.
Legal Briefings | 15 May 2018

Is there a role for ADR in employment disputes?

The Global Pound Conference (GPC) report identifies a strong preference amongst potential litigants for a flexible dispute resolution approach and a focus on collaboration over representation, with in-house counsel being the most likely agents of change. These themes certainly chime with a recent...
Legal Briefings | 11 May 2018

Court of Appeal upholds policyholder’s right to recover costs of ‘voluntary’ remediation works

The NSW Court of Appeal has recently confirmed that a policyholder is entitled to recover under its liability policy the costs of ‘voluntarily’ remediating accidental damage in compliance with statutory obligations, even where there had been no prosecution or third party claim against the...