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26 June 2021

London Climate Action Week: 26 June – 4 July 2021

We are proud to be a part of London Climate Action Week 2021 (LCAW), the annual event bringing together world-leading climate professionals and communities across London and beyond to find practical solutions to climate change.
23 June 2021

Webinar: Anti-Racism and Inclusive Leadership with John Amaechi OBE

Many organisations have made important strides over the past year to challenge racism, both in the workplace and in other walks of life. Yet, there is clearly a long way to go before we reach a turning point in addressing systemic racism.
22 June 2021

Australia’s AI Action Plan: A clear vision for AI in Australia, and the promise of concrete action

Artificial intelligence, in its many forms, is rapidly embedding itself in and transforming many aspects of our everyday lives, often without our knowledge. This means that AI has the potential to fundamentally change how we live for the better — but only if its implications are well understood and...
22 June 2021

Mandatory notification of ransomware payments in Australia appears likely

On 21 June 2021, Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security, Tim Watts, introduced in Federal Parliament the Ransomware Payments Bill 2021 (the Bill ). This follows the Department of Home Affairs secretary, Mike Pezzullo, flagging the idea at a Senate Committee Hearing earlier this year in May...
22 June 2021

Public Law Podcast Series

In our public law podcast series, we discuss themes, developments and topical issues we see on public law transactions in the UK.
22 June 2021

German Federal Tax Court decides that "Sweet Equity" can be taxed at beneficial capital gains tax rates – what does this mean for financial investors?

The German tax treatment of disposal proceeds of so-called "sweet equity" had until recently been somewhat unclear: While the German tax authorities often tried to apply the regular, top income tax rates of up to c. 48%, taxpayers usually aimed for the more beneficial so-called partial income...
22 June 2021

Madrid video updates: Cuestiones prácticas de los acuerdos del Brexit

21 June 2021

Regulatory reform for software-based consumer health products: New regulations provide clarity but can they keep up with the technology?

Mobile health apps and devices (“mHealth”) are a rapidly growing sector of consumer technology. These products are able to measure increasingly complex physiological functions. Recent regulatory reforms clarify that “consumer health products”, including most mHealth products, are not medical...
21 June 2021

EU proposal to address foreign subsidies

On 5 May 2021, the European Commission issued its much anticipated proposed regulation on foreign subsidies distorting the EU market , which we summarised in our earlier blog post .
18 June 2021

When should companies be prosecuted for the acts of employees and third parties?

On 9 June 2021, the HSF London Corporate Crime and Investigations ("CCI") team hosted the launch event for the Law Commission's consultation on what (if any) reform should be proposed to HM Government in relation to the law on corporate criminal liability in England and Wales. This was the first in...
17 June 2021

Amendments to Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Laws have now come into effect

17 June 2021

Amendment of the Transparency Register: How will it affect reporting obligations in Germany and what will the consequences be for companies that fail to comply?

On 9 June 2021, the German Federal Parliament passed the German Transparency Register and Financial Information Act (TraFinG) which, in particular, contains extensive amendments to the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) in connection with the transparency register. The TraFinG will come into force...
17 June 2021

Covid-19 update: restrictions on enforcement extended

Forfeiture: commercial leases At the eleventh hour, and despite previously declaring that it was the final extension, the UK Government has today announced that the current restrictions on landlords being able to forfeit commercial leases for non-payment of rent (which protection was due to expire...
16 June 2021

Catalyst // Webinar Series

As markets move from response to recovery, our focus is shifting too. Looking ahead, we expect the global pandemic to operate as a catalyst, accelerating changes in human behaviour, driving forward scientific and technological advances, and ushering in further digitalisation and some tough choices...
15 June 2021

Class Actions Fireside series