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17 February 2022

Swedish Arbitration Days 2022

The Swedish Arbitration Association are hosting the Swedish Arbitration Days 2022, on the overarching theme Integrity in International Arbitration. Our Global Head of Arbitration, Paula Hodges QC will join a panel of globally prominent legal practitioners to discuss " Transparency v...
09 December 2021

Unmasking trolls: defamation reform for the digital age

Newly proposed ‘unmasking’ obligations will force social media service providers to disclose contact details of defamatory commenters – but what exactly do they need to do and how can they ensure compliance?
09 December 2021

Deal protection in the context of non-binding proposals: The Takeovers Panel’s decision in AusNet Services Limited 01 [2021] ATP 9

In AusNet 01, the Takeovers Panel considered a limited-period ‘hard’ exclusivity arrangement (without a ‘fiduciary out’) for the first time. These arrangements have been relatively common in recent times, but their use may be more limited following the decision.
09 December 2021

Online Harms: What is the global state of play?

This year marked another year of intense government, regulatory and public scrutiny of digital technology companies, particularly around online harms and internet safety.
09 December 2021

The UK Online Safety Bill: Harmful (but legal) content and what’s next

While regulation of the internet in the UK has (up until recently) been light-touch, the last decade has exposed countless examples of the harmful impact of online content and has highlighted the need for greater regulation in this area.
09 December 2021

Policing the internet: Australia’s developments in regulating content moderation

From ‘hands off’ to much more interventionist, the last few years have seen proliferating efforts by governments, regulators and courts across the globe to regulate the moderation of online content.
09 December 2021

Increasing localisation of data in Asia: Why this matters for tech

We are seeing a trend towards data localisation emerging in certain countries in Asia which is raising business-critical issues for the tech sector. Usually thought of as just a data privacy tool, regulation restricting cross-border transfers of data are gaining support with legislators in China,...
09 December 2021

Legal developments show data privacy trust critical for tech companies

Automated decision making based upon profiling which may be inaccurate or unfair is one of the great dangers of the digital age. It's easy to see the potential for serious harm: the allocation of a university place, a job, a mortgage, insurance or even lifesaving medical treatment on the basis of a...
09 December 2021

Abolishing digital taxes one part of the OECD's global tax reform

The OECD announced in October 2021 final agreement, by 136 of the 140 base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) Inclusive Framework countries (including the UK, US and China), of a landmark global tax reform package, aimed at addressing the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the...
08 December 2021

Corporate law ‘like a Russian doll’

Australia’s corporate law regime can be compared to a Russian doll, with one or more top-level dolls concealing other dolls.
08 December 2021

UK Government opens consultation on "world-leading" due diligence law

The Environment Act 2021 (the " Environment Act ") received Royal Assent on 9 November 2021. Among other reforms, it introduced a prohibition on the use by certain businesses of "forest risk commodities" in their UK commercial activities, unless those commodities have been produced in compliance...
08 December 2021

The City litigator's Yearbook 2021 – What you need to know

Our much-vaunted disputes team look back on an eventful year for the commercial courts in England and Wales as we analyse key rulings on Covid-19, class actions, contracts and privilege.
07 December 2021

FSR Outlook 2022: Both sides of the coin – post-pandemic forbearance or exercising powers to the limit?

Explore our FSR Outlook 2022 Approaches to regulatory enforcement differ as Covid-19 forbearance nears an end
07 December 2021

FSR Outlook 2022: Regulatory scrutiny of debt capital markets set to increase

Explore our FSR Outlook 2022 The scrutiny of conduct in capital markets, particularly in handling conflicts of interest, will ramp up in 2022.
07 December 2021

FSR Outlook 2022: Insurance – the price of everything

Explore our FSR Outlook 2022 The drive for consumer protection is seeing global regulators experiment with directly regulated prices.