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27 November 2020

Predicting the future for “green” claims: The Full Federal Court provides guidance on representations as to future matters

Marketing products as ‘environmentally friendly’ is an increasingly popular way for businesses to capture consumer attention. As the popularity of such ‘green’ marketing claims has increased, so has the ACCC’s scrutiny of these claims.
26 November 2020

Cartel Intel – updates from our EMEA network

Welcome to the our series of regular bulletins addressing key cartel enforcement developments across the EMEA region. Drawing on insights offered by market leading competition practitioners across our network of EMEA offices, we aim to highlight and provide expert analysis of developments of key...
26 November 2020

The Future of Cities: Businesses stand ready to help governments unlock city investment

At the start of 2020, global investment in city projects was reaching new heights. The world’s biggest spending cities were investing in over 8,200 projects in 2019, with a combined project pipeline of US$5.3 trillion. ​​​​​​​Then the pandemic hit, followed closely by economic recession: government...
26 November 2020

Can legislative reform resuscitate enterprise bargaining?

Enterprise bargaining in this country is on life support.
26 November 2020

Shaping the boundaries of collective redress in Germany – a glimpse of the future under an EU Representative Action Regime?

In a recent decision made on 17 November 2020, Germany’s highest civil court shaped the boundaries of collective redress available under German law. The court dismissed a claim brought against a financial institution as inadmissible because the plaintiff did not have the standing to bring the claim.
26 November 2020

Developments in UK trade negotiations. The UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership

At the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020, all of the bilateral trade agreements which are applicable to the UK benefits by virtue of its membership of the EU will cease to apply to the UK with potentially significant impact on trade between the UK and the respective partner...
26 November 2020

Workplace change for the Covid recovery

Australian Industrial Relations reforms In May 2020, the government announced its intention to introduce workplace changes to support the rebuilding of a post-Covid economy. Join our Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team as we unpack the headlines and follow the latest developments on...
25 November 2020

Closing the class: Uncertainties and challenges for class action settlements

Earlier this year, two decisions of the New South Wales Court of Appeal have challenged the appropriateness of what had been a standard class action procedural step known as “class closure”. This development will likely add to the complexities in resolving class action litigation, particularly...
25 November 2020

General Counsel Update, November 2020

This is the latest in our series of general counsel updates which aim to summarise major developments in key areas.
24 November 2020

Back to basics: The Development Consent Order regime podcast series

In this series of "Back to basics" podcasts, we provide a bite-sized introduction to the nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) regime under the Planning Act 2008, drawing on our extensive experience advising on all key aspects of development consent orders (DCOs). Each of the five...
24 November 2020

When is casual permanent? Finding a workable definition

23 November 2020

Corporate Crime & Investigations insights - Australia and beyond

This series spotlights trends and developments in corporate crime investigations and enforcement in Australia, with a global lens.
23 November 2020


In March we wrote a piece ( here ) on considerations for listed companies seeking to raise capital in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. As we expected, the subsequent seven months has seen a raft of companies coming to market, with more money raised in equity by UK listed companies in 2020 YTD than...
20 November 2020

Award simplification – We’d like to do it, but we just can’t work out how

The Prime Minister in his address to the National Press Club on 26 May 2020 identified that the current industrial relations system was not ‘fit-for-purpose’. His solution was to get everyone ‘back in the room.’ By everyone, it turns out he meant the ‘IR Club’ – its back in business – employer...
20 November 2020

Approaching accreditation: Positioning for success