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05 December 2019

EVENT: Breakfast Panel Event with Lionheart and RE:Women

Herbert Smith Freehills, together with Lionheart and RE:Women, invite you to a breakfast panel discussion on: "Building the foundations for good mental health"
05 December 2019

The ACCC continues its push on personal information

The recommendations in the ACCC’s final report on loyalty schemes have implications for all businesses that collect and use personal information
04 December 2019


04 December 2019

Online harmful content: the race to regulate

The decentralised, global internet has democratised many facets of everyday life, and consequently has allowed everyday citizens, extremists and everyone in between to share their views. The consequential proliferation of online harmful content meant some form of regulation was inevitable. However...
04 December 2019

Tech Regulation Series: The End of Permissionless Innovation?

The tech regulatory landscape is changing rapidly. It is complex and fragmented, both globally and by subject matter, making it difficult for technology providers to navigate. Almost weekly there are new headlines warning of risks and perils of ‘big tech’ and misuse of data. Now, more than ever, it...
02 December 2019


The article highlights recent trends and summarises key developments of the anti-bribery and anti-corruption landscape in Russia. As a member of leading international organisations and conventions on countering corruption Russia makes efforts to implement international best practice. The country is...
29 November 2019

Considerations for bidders who dispose of target shares during a scheme

The application by ASIC to the Takeovers Panel in the recent Australian Unity Office Fund ( AOF ) trust scheme is a reminder that there are a number of important considerations that a bidder should keep front of mind if proposing to dispose of a pre-scheme stake during a scheme of arrangement.
29 November 2019

ASX Listing Rule Amendments – Implications for Head Office

The ASX recently released a significant suite of revisions to the ASX Listing Rules and new and updated Guidance Notes. We have highlighted below some of the key changes relevant to companies from a corporate governance, executive remuneration and market disclosure perspective.
28 November 2019

Contingency fees set to be introduced for Victorian class actions

On 27 November 2019 the Victorian Government tabled in Parliament the Justice Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Bill 2019 (Vic) which introduces a new power to permit contingency fees to be ordered in Victorian class actions. If passed, the new law will permit plaintiff law firms to receive a...
28 November 2019


2019 has seen a significant rise in the number of private equity (PE) and other financial buyers on public mergers and acquisitions (M&A). When a PE house undertakes a public M&A transaction, it should be aware from the outset that there are some key differences to private M&A, and that...
27 November 2019

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement: a new pathway for Africa?

25 November 2019

Scanning the scanners – what employers need to know about the Australian privacy act and Europe's GDPR

As technology evolves with unprecedented speed, the law can struggle to keep pace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of employment relations and specifically the topic of employee monitoring, where companies and organisations are discovering the truth of the old adage: just because you...
25 November 2019

The world of work: Real Estate perspective

The world of work is undergoing a transformation on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Automation and digital technology are changing how, when and where we work, and in what roles. Flexible and remote working has mushroomed, with clear implications for organisations' workspace...
25 November 2019

Executive Summary: The rise of workforce activism

The paradox of the robotic age is that automation will only make human skills more valuable. The World Economic Forum estimates that 75 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2022 but 133 million new jobs will be created – jobs requiring uniquely human qualities such as emotional intelligence...
25 November 2019

Video: The voice of the workforce

The future of work will see an unprecedented rise in workplace activism, enabled and amplified by social media.