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US withdrawal from the JCPOA – understanding the implications for your business

21 May 2018 | London


Recording: Originally broadcast on  Monday 21 May 2018

President Trump announced on 8 May 2018 that the United States will withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the "JCPOA"), which lifted most US nuclear related secondary sanctions and certain US primary sanctions targeting Iran. The impact of this announcement is significant for all companies doing business in Iran – following a wind-down period, pre-JCPOA sanctions will be re-imposed, formerly sanctioned entities will be re-designated as SDNs and new sanctions may be imposed in the future.  The changes will affect both US and non-US businesses.

This webinar explored:

  • The backdrop to the recent developments;
  • The primary and secondary US sanctions which are expected to be re-introduced;
  • The legal and practical implications for US and non-US businesses and individuals who operate in Iran; 
  • What can and should businesses be doing during the wind-down periods?
  • What's next? – Will the JCPOA continue?  A European blocking statute?  Exemptions or carve outs for specific countries, or businesses?
  • Q&A 

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