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Responding to cross-border financial services investigations

03 August 2015 | London
Guides – By Karen Anderson

Reflecting the increased breadth and depth of our global expertise, this edition includes new chapters covering Germany, Singapore and the US.

The growth of cross-border financial services and sustained pressure on regulators post financial crisis to deliver tangible results are driving regulators to increasingly seek assistance from their overseas counterparts in investigating issues, most notably in cases involving abuse of the markets. Firms, in turn, are increasingly subject to scrutiny by overseas regulators and may be investigated and ultimately sanctioned in multiple jurisdictions in respect of the same conduct. These trends seem set to continue: questions such as how and when regulators interact with each other and with firms across borders, how firms are expected or required to respond, and whether duplicate proceedings can be brought in different jurisdictions, are more pertinent than ever. This publication gives an overview of the answers across 14 key jurisdictions, and seeks to assist firms in navigating the differing regimes.

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