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Public Law Podcast Series

24 March 2021 | Global


In our public law podcast series, we discuss themes, developments and topical issues we see on public law transactions in the UK.

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Episode 7: Regulatory Disputes in the Consumer Sector

Businesses who deal with consumers will generally wish to have a good relationship with Government, regulators and other public authorities. However, there are times when a company’s interests are such that they come into conflict. At those times companies may wish to consider how that conflict might be resolved if it were to reach court. Last June, we created a guide to Regulatory Disputes in the Consumer Sector. This guide is designed for businesses that interact with consumers, for example, selling products to the public direct or through retailers, who might have to consider how to proceed when regulatory matters become contentious, and indeed those who work at regulators themselves.

The guide collates a number of significant cases from recent years to demonstrate how administrative law principles work in practice within this sector. However, since we published the guide, there have been additional and significant developments, in particular due to the impact of the UK leaving the EU. Andrew Lidbetter, Jasveer Randhawa and Hannah Lau have therefore recorded a podcast giving an update on the post-Brexit landscape and other important developments, to build on the guide.


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