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Podcast series: Highlighting changes to the future of work



Even before COVID-19, employers and employees were living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work.  The pandemic has accelerated change in how we work and connect with staff, clients, suppliers and wider stakeholders. To help you understand what these changes could mean for you and how they could affect your organisation, our podcast series offers global perspectives on some of the issues highlighted in our recent Future of Work report.

Discussions will focus on the potential global restructuring of supply chains, Directors and Officers obligations and liability, the impact on remuneration and incentives, digital transformation of the workplace, and more.

Future of Work

The Rise of Employee Activism

Emma Rohsler and Jules Campbell discuss the rise of workforce activism, what is driving this force of change and what businesses can expect in the future.

AI, cyber security and the impact of digitisation

Alex Cravero and Kate MacMillan discuss the impact of digital transformation on the workforce and the workplace.

New employee activism and the union movement in Australia

Anthony Longland and Natalie Gaspar discuss what the impact of workforce activism might mean for the union movement in Australia.


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