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Japan-Australia M&A: Review and Trends (2017–2019)

19 March 2019 | Japan/Australia
Legal Briefings – By Ian Williams, Damien Roberts, Natalie McDowell and Hiroko Ito


Japanese direct investment into Australia has increased markedly in its scale and diversity in the last 10 years and is now second only to the United States. During 2017-2018, there were 69 Australian M&A deals involving Japanese companies.

29 Japanese companies entered the Australian market for the first time, attracted by a combination of Australia’s robust economic conditions and population growth (currently second in the G20).

A distinctive ‘second trend’ of acquiring businesses competing in the domestic Australian market is occurring in parallel with the traditional minority investments in minerals, energy and food. In this article, we review the 69 transactions and predict the trends for 2019.


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